6 Marvellous Things to See and Do in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala lumpur
The city of cities in South-East Asia, Kuala Lumpur will dazzle you with its glitter and shine. Considered as the jewel of Malaysia, this city would offer you a wide array of experiences which will stay in your memory forever.
From the sky-touching Petronas Towers to the mystic appeal of the Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur will overwhelm your senses for sure. Whilst you allow yourself to be awestricken by the colossal KL Tower on one hand, you will find a home away from home in Little India. Hit a good bargain at the famous Chinatown and bring back home some nice garments and fond memories.

Things to See and Do in Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Towers

Things to See and Do in Kuala Lumpur
If you plan to visit these towers (which you absolutely should) you must visit them at night. An erstwhile tallest building of the world, this dual tower is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Malaysia.
There are tours which take you to the top of this 88 storied building and from there you can enjoy a majestic view of the entire city. The panoramic view of the city will surely put you in a state of trance and at night you can actually see the gleaming lights which make the city of Kuala Lumpur special.

Petronas Towers shopping Mall
If you like shopping (who doesn’t?) then it might very well become your favourite spot in entire Malaysia as the base of the building is occupied by majestic shopping mall. There are lights and there is music in this place as you can witness the fascinating skyline of the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Batu Caves

Batu Cave Kuala Lumpur
From the heights of the towers to the depth of the caves, Kuala Lumpur is ready to capture your imagination once-in-for all. Located just 13 kilometers from the main city, this religious shrine has a mystic appeal to it.It is not a figurine that you will find there, but you will rather encounter a colossal 140 feet tall statue of the deity. Each year many people from India and around the world gather there to offer their devotions.

Batu cave Kuala Lumpur
The temple is located at the top of the hill and you need to climb 250 feet to reach the place. However, it is worth a climb because the entrance of the cave will simply put you in awe. You can feel the shivers down your spine as you witness the pointy edges of the cliff, hanging from above.

Revolving Restaurant at the KL Towers

KL Towers
Kuala Lumpur is certainly a city with its extraordinary heights, and KL Tower is certainly the crowning glory. Till now this is the world’s fifth largest architecture and it will certainly take you for a spin.

Revolving Restaurant at the KL Towers
Wondering how a tall tower can do that? Well believe it or not the top of the tower has a revolving restaurant which will offer you an experience like never before. So, no matter which ever table you choose you get to savor an entire panoramic view of the Bukit Nanas forest. You can not only get a 360 degree view of the city but also at the same time you can relish some fine dining experience.
There is also an observatory equipped with telescope from where you can get an entire view of the city.

Find Home away from Home at Little India

Little India is a quaint little suburb in Kuala Lumpur where you can actually find a population of Tamil residents who will make you feel like home. If you are on a tour and you are dying to get quality Indian cuisine, then Little India is surely the place to visit.
Pitted with small and large Indian eateries this place will give you a warm fuzzy feeling. Do not forget to taste the local tea known as the Teh Tarik. It is quite a popular drink in Little India and it will be a crime to miss a sip of it.

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Visit the National Museum of Kuala Lumpur

National Museum Kuala Lumpur
Located very close to the Perdana Lake Gardens this museum will offer you a glimpse into the history and culture of Malaysia. Whilst you can marvel at the Italian mosaic design at the entrance the Minangkabau-style roofing will surely make you spellbound.
The museum has in its store a great deal of handicrafts and historical artifacts. The museum is also home to many stuffed wild animals found only in this enchanting South-East Asian islands. Then you will also discover a collection of the traditional musical instruments used by the tribes and locals of Malaysia. Starting from the fiddles to drums, gongs to flutes, you will encounter the different sorts of musical instruments used by the natives of Malaysia. Importantly the museum will offer you a guided tour in English so that you get enlightened and well informed about the cultural background. Have a colorful experience whilst walking down the curvy pathways of this museum.

Strike a Bargain at Chinatown

Whether you choose to shop or not, a visit to the Chinatown is a must. Located in the Petaling Jaya Street this colorful marketplace will give you lots of opportunities to explore. From cloth bags to antiques, the bazaar is pitted with items which you will find hard to get your eyes off.

The exotic oriental appeal of the items will tempt you to grab and buy each of them. Collect some souvenirs and accessories but do not forget to bargain. We Indians are known for our superb bargaining skills and you should make full use of that in striking the cheapest deal. You would not get the items sold here, back home and that is why these souvenirs will serve as a good memory to your Kuala Lumpur tour along with the pictures you take.

From the colossal sky-scrappers to the quaint Indian neighborhood, from the street side stalls to the museums of culture and history, Kuala Lumpur is all set to give you a truly cosmopolitan ambiance.

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