A Journey to the Most Pleasant Hill Station, Manali!

One of the most popular hill stations in India, Manali is situated in the middle of the mountain slopes, with the most beautiful and pleasant views, charming streams, and fairytale-like fog surrounding little cottages. A large number of tourists has led to the exploitation of Manali as a tourist destination. Nevertheless, this is the one place that should definitely be in your bucket list.

Places to visit in Manali

Solang Valley: This place is so pleasant and is best travelled by road. The journey to Solang valley is extremely peaceful. It offers a beautiful view of glaciers and snow covered mountains. The best season to visit the valley is in between December to February.

Rohtang Pass: This is the most admired spot in Manali with more than 30 lakh visitors every year. During chilling winters, the hills at the Rohtang Pass are entirely covered with snow and it is impossible to reach the place. During snowfall, the Rohtang Pass is usually closed and the pass opens up again in May.

Naggar Castle: Located on the east side of the Kullu Valley in Naggar Town, in-between the densely forested hills, is the Naggar Castle, an extremely beautiful ancient structure. The Naggar Castle is a composition of European and Himalayan architecture. The castle interiors are graced with fireplaces, fitting staircases, and magnificent stone and wood work.

Manu Temple: Manu Temple located in Manali is visited by countless believers every year. This place is one of the main tourist destinations for the visitors. The story behind this famous temple is that Manu saved the holy Vedas and the seven sages from the great flood and subsequently made Manali his home. A visit to this popular temple will definitely leave you mentally and spiritually rejuvenated.

Things to do in Manali

Zorbing: A kind of adventure sport wherein you move smoothly in a huge transparent plastic zorb ball which is then rolled down a mountain slope. If you are in Manali, make sure to experience the zorbing adventure.

Skiing: An exciting experience for adventure lovers while visiting Manali, you can indulge in some high adrenaline skiing sessions in the snow-clad mountains that surround the hill station. To add some real thrill in your life, you can also try the heli-skiing or yak-skiing and make your experience unforgettable.

Trekking: Manali is an absolute delight for the adventure lovers. A base camp in the peaceful valley for treks, in Manali you get several types of high altitude hiking and rock climbing opportunities. Yoga-Trekking is another new concept that you can enjoy in Manali that has become so popular among both adventure and spirituality seekers.

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