7 Awesome Beaches You Should Visit in Thailand

Beach in Thailand
Beaches in Thailand

Thailand, the jewel of South Asia, offers its tourists a wide array of fun and adventure. Starting from the fabulous nightlife to scrumptious Asian cuisines, Thailand is by far one of the most travelled destinations in entire Asia.
The vibrant lifestyle and the hospitable environment add to the exotic appeal of the place. Thailand has dense rainforests and mind-blowing shopping centers. It also has ornamental amusement parks and unforgettable festive nights. But best of all is the beaches of Thailand. The powdery white sand and the turquoise blue water make a certain kind of temptation that no travelling soul can ignore.
Let us learn about the best beaches where you can relax and also have fun in Thailand.

Pattaya Beach, Thailand

Pattaya Beach, Thailand
One of the most visited beaches of Thailand is known for its long coastline and huge number of speedboats, diving boats and a delightful floating restaurant. Pitted with shopping centers and eateries this beach will offer you all the amenities you desire as a tourist.
This popular beach is a truly an international paradise as you can avail a wide range of cuisines starting from French to authentic South-Asian delicacies. The shopping centers at the Pattaya Beach are also spectacular by all means and you will get to buy all the top international brands including Mark & Spencer’s, H&M, Zara, Calvin Klein amongst many others.

Pattaya beach is also known for its extravagant nighttime parties. With world-renowned lady-boy cabaret show, swanky karaoke, live music and Thai boxing shows, the nightlife at Pattaya caters to all kinds of tastes. Then there is the famous Red Car Bar which tops the list as the tourists’ favorite.

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Patong Beach, Phuket

Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Patong beach in Phuket is another very popular tourist destination in Thailand. Like the Pattaya beach, this place is also filled with loads of amenities enabling you to have a wild time fueled with fun and frolic.
The mantra of this beach is ‘mai pen rai’ which translates into something like ‘’don’t worry be happy’’. So, you can well imagine the vibe that this beach will offer you once you reach there. There are Go-Go Bars, the famous beer bars, and plenty of nightclubs that you will never get tired of visiting.

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The place is also pitted with restaurants and it can be regarded as the paradise of Thai local food. So, if you are looking to explore the exotic appeal of authentic Thai cuisine then Patong beach is the place to come.

Railay Beach, Krabi

Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand

That Railay Beach in Krabi is not behind in terms of beauty and popularity. If Pattaya and Patong offer you a vibrant appeal, then Railay will tempt you with a secluded charm. The picturesque stretch of wind sand and crystal clear water will let you enter into a state of trance.

The area is only accessible via boat and due to the cliffs surrounding the place it gives a very isolated appeal. If you are looking for a beach away from the crowd then Railay is the place to be. Enjoy a relaxing time whilst soaking up the sand and listening to the waves crashing on the rocky cliffs.

Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui

Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand

Chaweng is the largest beach of the Thai Island of Koh Samui. Like Railay, this beach is also bordered with rocky terrain on its either side and the white sand offers a welcoming sight for the tourists.

If you are planning on being stationed at the Koh Samui island then in that case this is the best beach to visit. Home to the famous Green Mango strip, this beach has many fabulous cocktail bars offering you drinks which you will never get anywhere else in the world. If Pattaya and Patong appear to be too touristy for you then a night spent on the Chaweng beach will surely revive your traveler’s soul.

Beach in Thailand

If you are looking for a tropical beach-like appeal of a place then Phuket’s Kata Beach is ready to offer you a wide stretch of white sand and long lining of the palm trees. This is the ideal beach for families and groups to come and enjoy.
The beach has many quaint eateries selling local made food and also offers an elegant and sophisticated nightlife (quite unlike the wild atmosphere of Pattaya or Patong). The place is not as lively as the other beaches of Phuket but nonetheless there are various mini-marts and shopping centers to keep you occupied. However, the impressive collection of street food stalls, serving hot Thai cuisines, will surely spice-up your visit to this beach.

Bamboo Island Beach, Krabi

Bamboo Island Beach, Krabi, Thailand

The bamboo island beach of Krabi is an ultimate paradise for nature lovers. The turquoise blue water and the rocky cliffs will surely overwhelm your senses. Soak your soul with the beauty of this spectacular heaven on earth.

This is a beach preferred by the true travelling souls. You can snorkel in the crystal clear water of this beach and witness the hundreds of colorful fish that flock around the bay. The beach also has its own share of mouthwatering delicacies. Starting from open-air BBQs to enjoying the authentic Thai steamed fish, this beach will give you some memories which you can treasure forever. The large stretch of white sand and the ever-changing color of the ocean will caste a hypnotic spell on you. Savor a breezy afternoon this is paradise and have a relaxing time in an authentic Thai beach.

Karon Beach, Phuket

Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Phuket’s Karon beach is also another secluded beach which will guard you from the pestering of the vendors and the suffocation of the crowds. It is the third-longest beach of the island and the wide stretch of sand will tempt you to have a proper, trouble-free, sunbathing session.

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Karon Beach, Phuket
However, if you get bored of resting your bum on the beach chairs you can simply walk southward to visit the livelier part of the beach where there are more restaurants and arrangements for jaunty nighttime fun. The choice is yours at Karon beach-you can either sit and relax or dance with the tunes of the Thai waves.
Thai beaches offer you a plethora of choices to savor at your own will. Whether you like to indulge in a lively nighttime frolic or submerge yourself in the heavenly sights of a palm-lined beach, you have the options ready in front of you.

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