Confessions of a Globetrotting Shopaholic!


“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, simply did not know where to go shopping.” –

These are the words of a wise woman! Do not let the world make you believe that you have sufficient clothes, shoes, accessories and gadgets. There is always, always room for more!

With the widespread of Social Media and fashion and travel bloggers posting from all over the world, we want to up our fashion quotient too. And, why not! So, this post is dedicated to all my fellow travelers who are also passionate shopaholics!

Why limit to your own city when it comes to shopping? Go travel the world and shop away from every exotic shopping destination! Here is an assortment of cities that boast of their luxe life –

  1. Milan, Italy – The immaculately dressed Italians have made a mark in the fashion world all over the globe for decades now. Their top notch designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Versace, and Armani have made quite a stir with their fashion statements, textiles and designs. Milan, the spectacular fashion capital of Italy boasts to be the most upscale shopping hub in the whole world. Every renowned Italian designer owns a flagship store in Milan and displays the absolutely latest fashions! The Fashion Capital of Italy is also proud to have the oldest mall in the world called Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. So, while you book your trip to Europe, squeeze in Milan for the most enviable shopping experience!
  2. Paris, France – Gear up to be lured by the Parisian charm of this ultra dreamy city. Paris entices shoppers with a brilliant combination of the uptight haute couture, luxurious brands and very chic flea markets. Paris, the glamour city, is the perfect blend of modern and classic fashion! Welcome to the perpetual state of bliss!
    1. Champs Elysees Avenue – The hub of Luxury shopping and quaint cafes in Paris, Champs Elysees is going to stun you to no end! This two kilometer long shopping boulevard is home to the flagship stores of both French and International biggies – Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss etc. It is bustling with Parisians heading to work, tourists, shoppers and people looking to catch a movie or a meal. The avenue is beautifully lit up at night and makes for a fabulous place to dine!
    2. Faubourg Saint-Honore – For the ones passionate about big brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, Hermes’ – Faubourg Saint – Honore is the perfect place! Tucked in the beautiful neighborhood of Louvre-Tuileries, shopaholics rush here to get their hands on latest fashion trends and absolutely top class cosmetics. Apart from the bang on fashion, this neighborhood is well known for its immaculate range of home furnishings as well. Head here for a holistic shopping experience.
    3. The Marais and the Flea Market District – Looking for one of a kind and affordable fashion? Paris doesn’t disappoint at all. The Marais Quarter is home to a variety of chic fashion boutiques catering to the eclectic needs of shoppers. This area also houses some of the finest art and antiques in Paris. Apart from the Marais Quarters, Paris offers to its shoppers, a huge Saint Ouen Flea Market. The market has been around since the 19th century and offers everything from classics to the quirkiest of fashion. Paris is any shopper’s dream destination – budget constraint or not!
  3. New York Shopping in New York is nothing short of a grandiose affair. One of the world’s top shopping capitals, New York is sprawling with exquisite range of designer stores, boutiques and affordable outlets. Shopping scene in this city that never sleeps is a sacred affair.
    1. Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s Warm up for an insane shopping vacation by starting the drill at the iconic department store Macy’s in Manhattan. With a wide range of brands and one stop shop for everything classic – Macy’s will get you in the groove to shop like a boss! Later, for younger and quirkier fashion head to the Bloomingdale’s department store and go berserk!
    2. Fifth Avenue Arguably, the most famous shopping street in the whole world and a shopaholic’s dreamland. With everything hoity-toity, Fifth Avenue boasts of all the top notch brands and window displays like nowhere in the world. From Tiffany & Co.,Valentino, Fendi, Gucci and the likes – the street is home to everything lavish and otherworldly!
    3. Canal Street Remember, I told you that shopping in New York is a sacred affair? Well, Canal Street is nothing short of a mecca for the shopaholics with a shoestring budget. Carry cash and buy more than one item to crack the best deals. Home to knock-offs of the big brands, the Canal Street is known to be a shopping paradise for one and all!
    4. Times Square – Best known for restaurants, Broadway shows, theme stores and comedy clubs, Times Square offers some lovely shopping avenues. With a huge Disney store, M&M World, Hershey’s Gift Store – buyers are warned that they’ll go weak in the knees here!Town-Square
  4. London – London, a retail therapy heaven offers a shopping experience like no other city. As if the gorgeousness of this city was not enough! Imagine walking through the spectacular streets of London and topping it up with some retail therapy? Life just cannot be more idyllic than this! Here’s making your search for the best places to shop from in London a tad bit easier –london
    1. Knightsbridge Renowned for the iconic stores like Harrods, Harvey Nicholas and Burberry, Knightsbridge should be the place to start your shopping extravaganza in London. Once you have warmed up here, strut towards the Brompton Road. Flanked with high end brands like Jimmy Choo, Gucci and affordable ones like Zara, French Connection, Gap and the likes! Varied brands make for happy shoppers!Knightsbridge-London
    2. Oxford Street – 2.5 kilometers long retail heaven awaits you! Home to the famous Selfridges, Urban Outfitters, TopShop, H&M, Next – this place is sure to win your heart! And, for the shoestring budget shoppers – the huge PRIMARK store is your retail heaven!! Oxford Street is a go to shopping paradise for everyone!
    3. Camden Market – A treasure trove, Camden Market is home to some great vintage fashion and also to the emerging designers. You are sure to find unique and exquisite pieces that no one else would have – temptation, enough?Shopping-camden-market-london
  5. Dubai, United Arab Emirate – Dubai is quite a rage amongst the shoppers. With home to the world’s largest mall – The Dubai Mall, this city’s shopping scene is nothing short of magnificent! The Dubai Mall boasts of more than 1200 retail outlets but that is not all! There is a plethora of huge malls and souks in Dubai that attract shoppers from world over. The annual month long Dubai Shopping Festival brings with it unbelievable schemes and discounts at every coveted designer store.  So, plan your Dubai trip well in advance, save up and gear up to shop till you drop!shopping-in dubai
  6. Singapore – Singapore offers the perfect blend of shopping at the air-conditioned malls, lanes lined up with the cutest stores and numerous departmental stores. When in Singapore, head straight to the famous Orchard Road – a two kilometer stretch of an enchanting shopping boulevard. Flanked by mega-malls, department stores, salons and spas – Orchard road has all the things that make a shopper ecstatic! Other than Orchard Road, Arab Street and Haji Lane house boutique stores offering the most beautiful fabrics, apparels and bags. If all this doesn’t lure you enough, Singapore hosts a Great shopping festival every year. During the festival, the discounts shoot up to a crazy 70%!! So, gear up for the shopping festival this year and explore the varied experiences this spectacular city offers!shopping-in-singapore

So, get rid of those old clothes, shoes and accessories and gear up for a vacation of a lifetime. A dreamy holiday of exploring new countries, cities, areas and stores! Shopping is a talent that very few are blessed with – So, hone those skills while traveling the world!

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