7 Most Extraordinary Cities in Europe those are perfect for a Romantic Getaway

Romantic Cities In Europe

There is a charm of Europe that nobody can deny. We Indians, from our childhood, have read the stories of princesses and castles of Europe and many of us have developed a sense of romance from those fairytales.
So, believe it or not some cities in Europe have still kept the charm intact and are ready to offer the perfect romantic ambiance. These cities would not only mesmerize you by their fascinating landscapes but will also offer you a cosy environment to ignite your passion. Starting from France to Belgium, Germany to Austria, many cities of these countries are eagerly awaiting your visit.

Paris, France

Paris Seine River Cruise, France, Europe

The City of Lights had to top the list of romantic gateways in Europe. The museums and the bookstores, the castles and the cafes, will create an environment which might transport you to another dimension altogether. Walk the streets of Paris and embrace the romance in the air. Enjoy the view from the famous Montmartre and stroll pass the skinny winding lanes, where great artists once had their studios.

Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France
Walk holding hands down the Champs-Élysées to visit the beautiful Arc de Triomphe. Sit in a quaint little restaurant and enjoy as the evening falls and the streets lit up. Enjoy the quixotic vibe created by the musicians at the Pont des Arts Bridge over the Seine River and savor a fabulous Parisian afternoon. And then there is of course the world famous Eiffel Tower, which is certainly a lovers’ paradise.

Vienna, Austria

The capital city of Austria is another romantic destination for lovers. Take a stroll down to the Anchor Clock, with your lover, and enjoy a quiet afternoon embracing the Art Nouveau design of the place.

Hofburg castle Vienna, Austria
Then there is the Belvedere Palace, located in the middle of a park, where you two lovebirds can spend some quality time together. The charm and beauty of the Hofburg castle is sure to blow your mind whilst you should not forget to take few snaps in front of the famous Haas House. Go on a wee trip down to the Danube Island and have a romantic trip of the Danube Tower. Also whenever you are feeling famish you can always go to the main location of Innerestadt and sit and chat in the various quaint little restaurants and cafes.

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

If it is romance you are looking for then what could be more romantic than a city with canals and gondolas. The best thing that can happen to you two is getting lost in the enchanting winding lanes of this magnificent city. Feed some pigeons together at the historical Piazza San Marco and sit there and spend a lovely evening.

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Burano islands, Itlay , Europe
Treat your partner like a royal by booking a ticket inside the famous Doge’s Palace and marvel at the sight of the Bridge of Sighs. Romance does not end at the castle but it just begins to flourish. When you are at Venice do remember to take a ride at the gondola, together. It is perhaps the most romantic experience that you can have. Go on a trip to the Burano islands and see the vibrant colors of the houses. It might make you feel that you are a part of a fairytale world.

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, Romania

Known as the Paris of the East, Bucharest is one of the most romantic cities of Eastern Europe. Get a feel of the Romanian architectures and find a number of eateries selling authentic Romanian foods. As a couple you would not face any difficulty here as the Romanians are quite friendly and they also understand and speak English.

Castle, Bucharest
Take the famous Transylvania Castle tour and feel the Goosebumps as you visit the place where Count Dracula is to reside. Hold each other’s arms tight because the place has a certain spooky and yet beautiful vibe to it. However, Bucharest is not just about visiting old gothic castles as you can also sit in the gorgeous Gardina Eden and have a quaint time together whilst sipping wine. Looking to have authentic Romanian cuisine? Then go for the famous Food Hoods in Bucharest. These movable feasts will quench your hunger for authentic East European cuisine.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Can easily be termed as the happiest city of the world, Amsterdam is also known as the sin city. There is no place better to blossom your romance than in a city which is just surrounded by beauty.

Anna Franks house, Amsterdam
Go on a magnificent canal ride together and feel the warm sun on your back. Do not forget to visit the famous Anna Frank’s house and go on a trip to the Westerpark and enjoy the scrumptious delights from the various micro-brewery and cafes in the area. See the different artists performing in this place whilst you can make a visit at the arthouse cinema, located in the region.

Lucerne, Switzerland

romantic Chapel Bridge, Switzerland, Europe

If you are looking for a quiet and romantic gateway then Lucerne is the ideal place for visit. Bordered by lush green mountains and enchanting scenic beauty, this place will take you back in time. One of the most preserved compact cities of Europe the beauty and enigma of Lucerne will mesmerize beyond expectation.
It would be a crime if you and your lover do not visit the enigmatic Mount Pilatus and walk down, holding hands, across the romantic Chapel Bridge. You should and you must explore the Lucerne Lake via a boat ride and discover the scenic jewels in the Ticino Region.

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Cadiz, Spain

Cadiz, Spain, Europe

When it comes to Spain, people often flock to Madrid or Barcelona. But it is the beautiful city of Cadiz is what is better suited for the lovers. The ambiance of the place will surely ignite your passion for romance.

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Cidaz Beaches, Spain, Europe
Bordering the southern coast of Sunny Spain, this little city has some lovely beaches where you can sit and relax. Enjoy the warm sun and the local cuisine sold at the wee stalls on the beach. Also do not forget to take a trip to the  Doñana National Park because it is indeed a piece of beauty.

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