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Switzerland, largely synonymous with lofty mountains blanketed by snow, mellow chocolates and nice watches, is much more than the stated obvious. It has vibrant cities that are brimming with cosmopolitan vibe, it is served by a well-connected transportation system, and is nothing short of scenic views that take your breath away. Whether you are inspired by the white peaks against the clear blue sky, intrigued by the expansive lush greenery that offers a break from the rushing urban life or simply awed by the fresh air that is felt literally everywhere, Switzerland holidays are the best way to delve deeper into its indispensable beauty.

Ski down the Matterhorn

Zermatt, Switzerland

All of the majestic mountains that Switzerland is bestowed with are ideal for skiing that is why the country is renowned as the world’s best skiing destination. Amid the massive peaks, a trip to Matterhorn stands out from the rest and offers the best skiing destination in its amazing pistes.

Let loose at Fasnacht Spring Carnival

The costumes, the cortège and the confetti are more than welcoming in the month of February and/or March in Basel. A vacation in Switzerland is not complete without experiencing the mind-blowing Fasnacht Spring Carnival, the biggest carnival in the country, which is held for three days when most of the town remains open day and night.

Lose yourself in Lucerne

The typical Swiss haven, a Lucerne tour is simply enchanting. Set artistically by the stunning Lucerne Lake, the city retains much of its medieval charm. Here, you can delve into the city life that is immaculately intertwined with natural splendour.

Ride a boat across Lake Geneva

Go for a boat ride on the subtle water of the Lake Geneva that instills a feeling of romance in you. Opt for a ride early in the morning on one of the commuter boats to watch the beautiful city as the day begins. Even during the day, the sun rays shimmer on the lake, making it appear golden. Those planning a honeymoon in Switzerland, this boat ride will be the memory that tickles them pink even years later and they are sure to cherish it forever.

An interlude in Interlaken

The small city of Interlaken is an adventureland, a paradise for adrenaline junkies offering action-packed activities like skydiving right above the Swiss glacier, snow-skiing and water-skiing, trekking, canyoning, river rafting, rock climbing, snowboarding, ice skating, just to name a few. The Interlaken tour is surely going make you leave behind all your worries.

Conquer Mt. Pilatus

Just on the outskirts of the city of Lucerne, there stands the magnificent Mt. Pilatus at 6,888-ft overlooking the city and a large expanse beyond it. Wonderful trails serving you with delighting views at every turn reach up to the mountain peak. And if you want nothing more than just relaxation and sightseeing during your Switzerland tour, take a cable car up to the top and revel in the panoramic view that is sure to leave you spellbound.

A wine tour on the Swiss Riviera

Located by the sunny shore of the Lake Geneva in Lavaux (Canton of Vaud), the Swiss Riviera is laden with wonderful vineyards. A wine tour in the mesmerising vineyard overlooking the bewitching lake will leave you in awe. Savour different tastes in every sip of the wines served and feast on succulent cheeses. While you are here, make sure to visit the fabulous Château de Chillon that dates back to the 11th century as well as the quaint town of Montreux, famed for its annual jazz festival.

Hike the trails

The breathtaking landscape, miraculous beauty and many car-free zones of Switzerland make it one of the world’s best places to hike. And the country’s more than 30,000 miles of marked trails testify to it. Whether a day hike on the outskirts of a city or a multi-day trek in the countryside, you have numerous options.

Get high on the chocolates


Teuscher, Blondel. Chocolat Frey, Cailler Nestle, Alprose, Maestrani and the list of great Swiss chocolatiers goes on. Discover the myriad flavours of chocolate on your Switzerland family holiday with sumptuous offerings by these chocolatiers. You can even go on a chocolate tour, a chocolate trail at Chocolat Frey Visitor Centre or for a ride in the Swiss Chocolate Train.

Stand in the middle of the Rhine Falls

There is no better way to feel the vibration of water than standing in the middle of a waterfall. There are a few platforms that jut out hovering above the Rhine, giving you a taste of the roaring waterfall. Better still, be a bit adventurous and hire a canoe to make the most of your holidays in Switzerland.

Discover traditions and culture

Visit Appenzell, a small town and the capital of the canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden, to get the real taste of the Swiss traditions and culture. Cars are not allowed in the village – the air is clean and noises are slight. It has a total population of less than 7,000 people and this little number of people have kept the local traditions and cultural values alive. And since it lies close to the foothills of the Alpstein mountains, you have a good opportunity to get indulge in the thrilling outdoor activities.

With that many choices at hand, Switzerland is a great escapade for any kind of excursion. So, book your Switzerland holiday package today and go on an unsurpassed travel venture.

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