January in India, This Off-Season for Vacation Is the On-Season for Fun

Domestic or international, when it comes to tourism, India is an all-weather vacation destination. Diverse climatic zones and colorful cultures have something to offer to the tourists, all through the year. If we check the seasonal fun attached to the month of January, then we find that this can be dubbed as the most romantic month for the travelers coming to India or those who are traveling inside the country.

Beat the Weather Blues and Search for a Favorable Climate

Greenscape at Chamba - Himachal Pradesh

If you are residing in the southern parts of India and want to feel the heat of winter then “snow capped Mountains” in Himachal Pradesh are waiting for you. Skiing on the slopes of Narkanda (Shimla) is always open for you. Go for a weeklong skiing package and add this adventure into your winter trip. This is one option that we are opening for you; there are many other options like “Kufri” and “Kasauli,” where loads of winter fun activities are waiting for you.

Tired of the Chilling Winter – Explore the Pink Weather, Down South

Winters can be a nightmare for the elderly people as well as for people suffering from breathing ailments and heart diseases. First two weeks of January are amongst the coldest months of the year. However, when we have a look at the coastline of India, then we find that, the month of January brings a pink weather for them. January is the best season to explore these areas, because during the first four months of the year, you will not suffer from the attack of humidity.

January – The ‘On for Fun’ Month, Being the ‘Off for Vacation’ One

In the dictionary of students, January is the “exam preparation time.” This fact alone restricts the movement of tourists in January. It is “planning time” for corporate and business tourists; this fact also contributes to making it a dull season for the entire tourism infrastructure. If you are planning a touristic activity during this part of the year, then it certainly is a wise decision. The equation related to the seasonality can alone save a fair deal of money for you, and it can add some convenience into your travel plans and make them easier to execute.


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