Places to visit in India in winters

places to visit in India In Winters
Winters in India are the perfect time to see its gorgeously diverse landscape thanks to the cool breeze and misty weather. November to February is the winter window with temperatures ranging between 10-15°C in the north and between 20-25°C in the southern parts of the country.

India is endowed with majestic deserts and beautiful coastal areas that experience hot and humid weather for the larger part of the year. But come winters and the travellers are welcomed with cool sands and ocean breeze. The hill stations, blanketed in snow, transform into picture postcard-like places.

It is also the holiday season when numerous celebrations are held around the country, a great pull for travellers looking for unique ways to experience the richness of the Indian culture. Here is a list of the

Top winter season Destinations in India

  1. Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

    Rann of Kutch, Gujarat India in winters

Located in the western part of the country, Gujarat is the home of the Great Rann of Kutch, one of the largest salt deserts in the world. Spread over 2900 square miles, this stark white desert is a must-visit for any travel aficionado. The marshy summer desert converts into a riot of colours during winters. Not only is the weather extremely pleasant travellers are in for an amazing unforgettable experience of the winter festival ‘Rann of Kutch’. Organized by the Gujarat Tourism, it is when colourful state comes in all its splendour. You can enjoy traditional dance performances, full moon night camp stays, pick up beautiful artworks from the local craftsmen, etc. Adventure enthusiasts can go for a camel safari, parasailing, and dirt biking.

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Gujarat India in winters

Another popular place to visit in Gujarat is the Somnath Temple. This ancient temple, standing on the shores of the Arabian Sea, attracts millions of people from across the country for its beautiful architecture and religious relevance. Diu is another great place to visit here. A small island, it is famous for its white sandy beaches and Portuguese architecture. Don’t miss to visit the Sea Shells Museums while in Diu to see the huge collection of colourful shells collected over the years.

  1. Igatpuri, Maharashtra

    Igatpuri winters in India

Just like any coastal destination, winter season in the western state of Maharashtra is all about clear skies, cool breeze, and pleasantly low temperatures minus the abrupt rainfalls and uncomfortable humidity. One of the best places to visit in Maharashtra is Igatpuri. A quaint and charming hill station, located in the Nashik district, it is still untouched by the chaos and noise of the cities. Its landscape is dotted with lush rolling hills, thick forest covers, and waterfalls. Visit Camel Valley for its 1000 ft. waterfall and greenery. It is a great place to indulge in river rafting in the nearby Bhatsa River Valley. Tringalwadi Fort is another major attraction known for its marvellous architecture and the scenic views that it offers of the surrounding hills. It also houses an ancient Hanuman Temple in its premise, which is a must-see.

  1. Chopta, Uttarakhand

    Chopta, Uttarakhand India in winters

For those who can never get enough of snow, Uttarakhand is one of the best winter travel destinations in India. This hill station has incomparable beauty comprising of majestic snow-clad high peaks, cascading rivers, and lush green valleys. One of the most popular places to visit in Uttarakhand is Chopta, also known as ‘Mini Switzerland’. Since not many people visit Chopta during the winters, you are assured of a quiet time of solitude.


Situated on a height of about 9000 ft. above sea level, it offers breathtaking views of the snow-coveredpeaks and white shrouded trees. Seeing the snowflakes fall is a beautifully surreal experience. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in the Chopta- Chandrashila snow trek and skiing while here. Don’t forget to look for pugmarks made by snow leopards.

  1. Munnar, Kerala


Kerala is nothing short of magic with its beautiful beaches, striking backwaters, and vast expanses of luxuriant coconut trees. In winters, the temperatures stay in the early thirties the chance of rainfall and humidity decreases, making it the perfect time to explore the wonderful outdoors.

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Munnar Kerala winters in India

One of the best places to visit in Kerala is Munnar. This top winter destination in India will welcome you with its misty green hills and meadow-like valleys. One of the best experiences here is to visit the tea plantations. It has some of the highest tea plantations in the world where you, enveloped in the heady fragrance of raw tealeaves, can spend a tranquil day away from the chaotic busy city. Some of the best plantations that you can visit are Sevenmallay Tea Estate, Pallivasal Tea Garden, and Kolukkumalai Tea Estate. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in camping and trekking at Echo Point, best known for naturally occurring voice echoing. Another great spot is Top Station, which is the highest point in Munnar. After an uphill trek of around 32 kilometers, you will be rewarded with stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys.

The diversity of India is unparalleled and the dramatic changes in the weather lend travellers extremely unique experiences in each season. Winters especially offers a chance of not only seeing how some of these destinations transform but also is a time when one can actually enjoy travelling without the discomfort of sweltering heat and humidity.

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