The Best Places to Visit in Venice

Being the most visited city in the world, Venice enjoys the status of being one of the most romantic cities too. The beautiful architecture, winding lanes and bylanes, canals, gondolas and the water taxis make this city what it is. It is one place that is best seen on foot and by getting lost.

Here is a list of things that you must do in and around Venice –

Piazza San Marco

When you see a bustling piazza with people and pigeons – be assured that you have arrived at Piazza San Marco. It is very easy to get overwhelmed here with so much to see. So, take a deep breath and start walking around it to appreciate the detailing of the work and the idea behind creating this magnificence. Referred as the drawing room of Europe, this huge piazza has a history to tell.

Buy some bird food and enjoy feeding the pigeons. These pigeons are friendly and wouldn’t shy away from sitting on your shoulders or eat from your hand.

Basilica San Marco

Basilica San Marco
You have to see this to believe it. Words fall short to describe the detailing of the work that went into creating this marvel. Since the Basilica is always crowded, be wise and book your ticket well in advance to skip the unending queue. Go up to the top of the building to the balcony area to appreciate the brilliant views of the square. Take a couple of hour at hand to look around and appreciate the beauty of this Basilica.

Doge’s Palace

Exceedingly fascinating exteriors of Doge’s Palace will entice you to go inside. Once you are inside, the Palace will unveil the massive treasure trove that it is. The beautiful ceilings and walls will keep you enchanted and the history of this place will keep you spellbound. You will be stunned beyond words upon seeing the prisons and the Bridge of Sighs. So, lo and behold, you have been warned!

The Gondola Ride

The Gondola Ride
So, the famous Gondolas have received mixed reviews from travellers from across the world. Some call it a tourist trap and some list it as the most romantic experience in the world. From my experience, I feel it is essential to punt down the canal on the gondola just to experience the life in Venice at a slower pace. It is also quite marvelous to have a crooner, sing to you various stories from ancient times. A Gondola Ride is sure to transport you to another time!

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Get your gelato!

When in Venice, the only option is to walk. Walking burns you down only to exhaust you further. Hence, Gelato was created – to cool you down and to re-energize you! 😉
Tiny Gelato outlets are all over the city – while you are here, taste as many flavors as you can!

Take a trip to Murano and Burano islands

Murano – Murano is an island close to Venice which is famous for the Murano glass. The famous glass blowers call this island home and it is visited by a lot of tourists all year round. If you fancy, understanding the art of glass making – head straight to Murano.

Burano – Ever heard of a place where the government regulates the color and the whitewashing of your house? Welcome to Burano! You will be welcomed by block like houses painted with a splash of bright color. Wander around and admire the houses, shops and colorful streets.

Libraria Aqua Alta

Libraria Aqua Alta is a unique bookstore cum library and is one of the many lesser known wonders of Venice. Imagine a space where all you see is books – on the floor, in shelves, on gondolas – EVERYWHERE! The cherry on the cake is the book stairway built with the damaged books that overlooks the canal. This place is eclectic and one of a kind. All the book lovers must visit Aqua Alta!

Rialto Bridge
Rialto Bridge

Everyone has heard f Rialto and why not! It is the oldest bridge on the Grand Canal and is bustling with tourists from across the world. The bridge also houses a few shops for buying souvenirs. Despite being overrun by the tourists, it is still fun to take a couple of pictures here for old times’ sake!

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Get Lost

Venice city,
Last but definitely not the least; forget all the spots that you would like to tick in your checklist. Just roam around in the streets of Venice and let the city guide you. Getting lost is the best thing to do in Venice – there are so many hidden gems here that its practically impossible to see them all in a short span of time. So, relax and let yourself go about the city and let it show you the best parts of it!

Italy is a huge country with so much beauty to see but Venice definitely tops my list. The aura of this city is unmatchable that it attracts everyone – sometimes more than once! 🙂

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