Special Delicacies from India- A must try!

We all know Indians are known as the sweetest people in the whole world as the art of refining sugar was invented in India only. India, the Land of celebrations, is known for its sweets that are made to make a tasteful bond between people from various cities and to spread its cultural significance as far as possible. The country has so much to offer to the people with a sweet tooth.

Here is the list of interesting sweets and sweetest cities in India that you must try when you visit these respective cities that will make your mouth water for sure:

1. Ghevar, Rajasthan

Ghevar, a specialty of the lavish and glorious place called Rajasthan. Rajasthani sweets are perfect for chilled winter days and will make you drool with easy bites. Ghevar is a kind of round cake made from flour and soaked in ghee and milk, topped with sliced almonds. This delicious sweet dish has a soft & crunchy texture and is associated with the festival of Teej. Very rich in taste, but irresistible if you have a sweet-tooth.

The main ingredient used: Kewra

2. The Pak, Mysore

The Mysore Pak, a famous South-Indian sweet dish is perfect to get high on Sugar and is mostly made on special occasions. The famous and delicious Mysore Pak has its own story, as it was first prepared in the Palace of Mysore for royalty. This famous Mysore Pak was first created by the Royal Chef of Mysore. The royal Mysore Pak is a sweet, rich in ghee and sugar. It is easily available in Mysore and is a must try.

The main ingredient used: Gram flour

3. Petha, Agra

The calm and romantic magic of Agra is liberating and has become more than just a tourist attraction. The city famous for The Taj, its people and the splendid Fort had developed a sui generis taste for travellers. If you are in Agra or planning to visit Agra then apart from gazing the Taj, make sure to grab the delicious Pethas. This popular Indian sweet candy is prepared from the ash gourd vegetable and is now available in more than thirty varieties.

The main ingredient used: Ash gourd

4. Adhirasam, Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, a crazy canvas of ancient Temples, calm beaches, classical art, lush oasis and delicious cuisines. A land of excellence and to fulfil that excellence, people work with patience. Adhirasam is a pure Diwali delight and this classic Indian doughnut is prepared almost in every home in Tamil Nadu. The delicacy is prepared with rice flour, pepper, jaggery and butter and it is probably the best sweet dish that you can taste.

Main ingredients used: Jaggery and Rice flour

5. Rabri, Varanasi

Originally from Varanasi, Rabri is a sweet and creamy wholesome meal for the people who love Mithai. To have the real taste of Rabri, take a private boat trip along the river Ganga by the Ghats of Varanasi and enjoy the creamy taste of delicious Rabri for an unforgettable sweet experience.

The main ingredient used: Pearl millet flour.

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