Things You will Get at Leh Ladakh

Leh and Ladakh
If you are tired of ‘liking’ others’ photos on Facebook, showing what a fabulous bike ride they had down the Khardungla Pass or how amazed they were to see the miraculous Nubra Valley, then perhaps it is time for you to savor the magic of Leh and Ladakh.

 Tibetan flags and snow covered mountains
As the mercury keeps on rising during the summer, it is an opportunity for you to put your own photos on Facebook, with fluttering Tibetan flags and snow covered mountains in the background. It is an experience you bound to remember and you will never get tired of talking about the fun you had, whilst scrolling down those wonderful photos.

Visit the Pangong-Tso lake :-

Pangong-Tso lake
If you have seen the movie 3 Idiots (who hasn’t!) then you must have seen this lake. It is the exact spot where Chatur lost his calm and went bonkers. But barring the movie shot, the lake has its own charm as well.
The lake traverses international boundaries (crosses from India to Bhutan) and also provides you with a chance to ice-skate on its banks. Now isn’t it a photo to post?

Find a Landscape at Tso Moriri Lake :-

Moriri Lake
If the Pangong-Tso Lake amazes you then Tso Moriri Lake will put you in a hypnotic trance. Such is the picturesque beauty of the place that you will never get tired of taking pictures here and the irony is that no matter how many pictures you take you will always crave for more.
With all honestly, you will actually need no filter whilst posting the pictures of the clear blue sky, the tranquil blue water and the lush green outfields. You cannot get it wrong in this enchanting lake.

Break Records at the Khardungla Pass :-

Khardungla Pass
Never been to a World Record destination before? Do not worry as the Khardungla Pass will provide you with the perfect opportunity. As the highest civilian motor road in the world, a jeep ride or a bike ride will definitely make you feel like a record breaking athlete.
However, do not push your limits (though the appeal of the place might tempt you to do so) as the oxygen level is dangerously low in these heights and you might get yourself in quite a risk if you are not careful enough. Not trying to scare you…but just a friendly warning.

Get Confused at Nubra Valley :-

Nubra Valley
Do not think that you have mistakenly reached Rajasthan in between your tour in Ladakh. There is practically a massive desert up in the mountains. Sounds mind-boggling? Well you better believe it.
This is what Nubra valley is all about. The sand dunes of this valley will really put you in a trance and you will find it hard to admit that you are actually up in the hills. Wait till you see the famous two-humped camels walking in front of you and accept the truth that ‘fact is indeed stranger than fiction’.

Defy Gravity at the Magnetic Hills :-

Magnetic Hills
The magic of Leh and Ladakh does not stop at the Nubra desert and the two humped camels. There are more mysteries which you might not believe in right now. And that is the sole reason why you should bike down the base of the magnetic hills and unlock your brakes.
The hill will automatically pull you up! I would not blame you if you think that you have grown wings. It is an easy mistake to make whilst savoring this surreal experience.

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Have a Filmy Feel at Spituk Gompa :-

Spituk Gompa
Whilst watching the Game of Thrones you must have wondered how it would feel if you had ever been on a castle up on the hills, surrounded by water? Well, it is not exactly a castle but the Spituk Gompa monastery, carved out of the rocks, is sure to give you a gothic appeal.
The view from the top is simply amazing (another classic opportunity to take more photos) while the interiors are sure to give you Goosebumps which will last at least a fortnight…if not more. Cannot actually guarantee that this place will not come back in your dreams!

Witness the Masked Parade at Hemis Monastery :-

Hemis Monastery
If you are planning to visit Ladakh in July you might as well see the famous masked parade. Hemis is the largest monastery of the region and it strongly reflects its core Tibetan identity.
This two day celebration of the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava is filled with tradition and vibrant colors. The warm and hospitable people of Ladakh would happily include you in the party and allow you to witness this spectacle.

Starry Starry Nights at the Lamayuru Monastery:-

Lamayuru Monastery
The view of the night sky from this place is one to remember. This is your ultimate chance to get awestricken by the massive beauty of the endless night sky pitted with millions of planets and stars.
For a moment you might even think that you are the only person residing in a lifeless planet, staring at the sky, looking for signals from a faraway galaxy. The place will indeed make you dizzy with beauty and wonders. You might be tempted to take pictures. I would not blame you! However, your efforts might be futile. If you ask me, then I think that some things are better to be stored in your own memory than your phone memory.

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So there is fluttering colors and there is magic of the hills. There is adventure unknown and Insta-worthy scenes. What else can you ask from a destination, like this?

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