Top 10 Places for Couples

The world is full of endless places for couples to explore together and revel in its magic that brings out the romantic in them. Whether you are planning your honeymoon or thinking about going on an escapade with your special someone, just pick one such destination. But that is the hard part – picking one. There are so many wonderful places to see and so many experiences to earn hand in hand, eyes set on idyllic beauty and heart thankful for each moment. Of all the intimate getaways in the world, here are a select few top places for couples that you can discover together.


The city of romance is probably built for the couples – even the simplest of strolls down its boulevards are so romantic that you cannot help but wonder this is what heaven feels like. Candle light dinner at an Eiffel Tower restaurant, a picnic in the Parc de Bagatelle, a cruise on the Seine, everything in Paris is romantic. Fell love in the air on your romantic holiday in Paris.

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One of the most fascinating couples’ getaways, Hawaii packs everything – pristine beaches, exotic locations, lush rainforests, enriching Polynesian culture and luxurious accommodation. This is the place where you can spend a lazy romantic vacation on the beaches or an adventurous one in the water, surfing, diving, parasailing and jet-skiing.


With a fairy-tale like setting, a couple’s vacation in Venice entails a captivating charm. And the feeling is simply superb when you watch the city move past you as the two of you cuddle up on a gondola cruising the canals at night, specifically a moonlit one. The canals give this city an eternal charm and when the moonlight hits it, the scenery mesmerises you to the core. Sophisticated Italian dining adds a bit of pizzazz to the romantic vacation.


This idyllic beach getaway in the south pacific is a great place for couples. Dotted with accommodation that stand on the ocean using stilts, it offers you your very own piece of paradisiacal abode. Step out of the room, sit on the deck right above the ocean. And the white sand, the swaying palms and the intensely hued sunset keep astonishing you.


One of the most popular holiday resorts for couples, Belize has an incredibly beautiful coastline. Just off the coast, there lie many reef islands giving couples opportunities to escape the crowd and discover the fascinating world under the surface.


Lying right in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a group of more than a thousand picturesque islands and atolls that showcase exemplary beauty that is not to be found anywhere in the world. The tiny islands are quiet and secluded, making up one of the best couples’ getaways. With rich variety of marine life, it is a great place to discover the underwater world together. So, dive into the depths of the ocean and unfold the mysteries it holds.

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Located just off the coast of Africa on the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles is a heavenly place. The archipelago of 115 islands, it entails awe-inspiring settings everywhere. Lie on the stunning beaches, dive into the ocean, catch a fascinating sunset and enjoy a candle-lit dinner right on the beach.


With medieval architecture, the city of Bruges has a fabled charm. It is like you have stepped back in time or are living in Disney fairytale. This quiet town has done more than enough to preserve its history and that is its biggest draw. Stroll through age-old cobbled streets of the city, relax in an outdoor cafe and revel in the magnetic appeal of this idyllic city.


Tuscany is the most romantic region of Italy. Lush vineyards capture your heart with their intriguing beauty, the magnificent villas dot the picturesque landscape. An ideal destination for couples, Tuscany is simply mind-blowing and once you are here, you will never want to leave. Vineyards, villas, and historic Italian towns- this whole place is a romantic adventure. Stay in an alluring villa, go on romantic wine tours and be awed by its unsurpassed beauty.
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Paradise on earth, Kashmir is the most romantic place in India, a perfect getaway for couples. The valley is replete with natural beauty, adorned with the mighty Himalayas and stunning lakes that shimmer like gold when the sun hits them. Hop on a shikara in Kashmir Valley and marvel at the stunning landscape as it gently floats on the Dal Lake. Revel in the astounding beauty as you explore the lush Mughal gardens.

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So surprise your partner with a love-filled vacation in these honeymoon destinations.

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