Top 5 Offbeat Indian Destinations To Visit

Top 5 Offbeat Indian Destinations to Travel in March

Offbeat Indian Destinations

Offbeat Indian Destinations have always held a fascination for many.  After all, it is hard to deny that there is a different feeling about exploring places that are obscure and not visited by the masses. India boasts of some of the most exotic places for energizing the discerning travelers. Have a look at these five Offbeat Indian destinations and soak in the spirits of these beautiful places.

1. Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

This is an offbeat hill town which is situated at a height of three thousand meters above the sea level. This picturesque town is famous for being the birthplace of the Dalai Lama. You cannot stop looking at the breathtaking beauty of the monasteries and the astounding view of the Himalayas.

2. Champaner, Gujarat

The historical appeal of this location is mind blowing, no wonder that it has earned accolades for being one of the heritage sites by UNESCO. According to the mythological story of Ramayana, the Pavagadh Hills surrounding Champaner consists of a chunk of the Himalaya that was taken by Hanuman. You will come across a plethora of historical relics that have almost converted into ruins. The Archeological Park is open throughout the year and provides an insight into some of the most beautiful designs created by the Hindus and Muslims.

3. Majuli, Assam

This is the world’s largest freshwater island which is situated on the banks of the River Brahmaputra. The nearest city of this location is Jorhat which lies at a distance of twenty kilometers. The month of March is undoubtedly the best time to visit this location when the weather is cool and you are desperately trying to beat the heat. It is a largely unexplored destination that hosts a number of festivals throughout the year. No wonder that Majuli is also referred to as the cultural capital of Assam.

4. Hemmis, Jammu & Kashmir

Although many of you may have visited Kashmir travel, Hemis is one location that you may not have explored as it is not talked about often. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, you have got to visit this place that conveys the transcendental and inspirational beauty of the mountains. To make it more exciting, this location is home to the famous snow leopards that are hard to find in many locations. Take a look at the Hemis National Park and Gompa and enjoy the natural splendor of these locations.

5. Gokarna, Karnataka

If you love to explore the lovely and pristine beaches that shine with the setting sun, you cannot miss Gokarna which remains surprisingly pleasant in the month of March. Originally known as a temple town, this location is fast gaining popularity among youngsters for the lovely and attractive beach resorts.

Just enjoy these arresting locations that have a lot to offer to the tourists and are ideal for those who love to beat the regular tourist locations in search of new places.

So which of these top Offbeat Indian Destinations would YOU like to visit ?

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