3 Romantic Places in India for Valentine’s Day

The love season is around the corner and you can feel the romance in the air! With only the couple of days to go until Valentine’s Day, your thoughts are surely turning into love and you are still in doubt, what to plan for your valentine? What better gift you can give to your love than a visit to some of the most romantic city in India?

Here we are presenting to you Valentine’s Day special holiday getaways that will make your valentine day with your beloved even more special.

  1. Ooty

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Ooty, also known as the Queen of Hill Stations, is the popular hill station located in the hills of Nilgiri in Tamil Nadu state. This hill station is situated at an altitude of 7,440 feet above sea level. Soak up the beauty of the charming flower gardens, dense forests, tea estates and lofty mountains that adds to the attraction of this destination. Ooty is an ideal place to reiterate your romantic days with your valentine.

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     2. Goa

If you love sun-kissed beaches

Goa is the most popular destination for Valentine’s Day in India that gives you some great chances to create beautiful memories. This world famous destination has so many beautiful beaches to enjoy your day with your loved one. The ancient, picturesque beaches and forts and Portuguese architectures provides a great many romantic time for the couple where they can lose themselves in each other and relive the passion.

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    3. Pondicherry

How about a calm and peaceful holiday this Valentine’s? Spend your special day with the unspoilt beaches, Portuguese influences and French styled buildings. Pondicherry is delightfully different from most of the Indian tourist destinations and you would surely love its unique beauty and charm. A great walk along the palm fringed beaches, the French Quarter, gardens and beach activities would make your day even more special. Whatever you choose to do, it is impossible not to fall in love with Pondicherry.

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