3 ways in Which Technology has changed the Way we Travel

Do you still remember the time when you travelled with your family during the summer and winter breaks as a kid? Those heavy aluminium trunks are being dragged from the taxi to the station platform, endless bags of gifts for friends and your entire family coming to see you off at the railway station for a month long holiday.

Coming back to today, there is a long weekend coming up, you open up the travel site on your laptop or on your smartphone, decide where you want to go, book your flights and hotels in less than 10 minutes and before you know it, you are all set for your quick weekend getaways.

Technology has changed a lot and made travelling so much easier these days. So let’s take a look-back and see how much travel has changed over the past years.

Deciding the Holiday Destination

Back in the pre-Internet days, you would be searching a destination in the travel brochures as a travel agent in the office, buying guide books or taking a friend’s advice when it comes to choosing a destination for the holiday. But today it could be a travel blog, a travel show on TV, social media or even a friend’s Facebook post that spark off your wanderlust and inspires you to travel.

Booking the Flights/Train

Remember those times when you stand in the queue month before your trip just to book the train tickets. But thankfully it’s much easier now. All you need to do is just open your laptop, go online and search for the numerous tour and travel agencies for the best flight/bus deals, check the review sites and in a few minutes, your bookings are done.

Bookings for the Accommodations

Gone are the days when you go through the various hotel brochures, take references from friends and then at last call the hotel to book a room. But now, online booking engines and recommendation sites are the simplest way to book the best hotel with the all the possible amenities.

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