Travelling With Your Friends

Friends, they say, are the family we choose for ourselves. Sharing our joys and sorrows with friends makes life beautiful, gives validation to our feelings, and makes us feel like a part of something bigger than ourselves. Ballads have been written about friendship, internet is full of succinct quotes about this beautiful relationship, but most importantly, we have experienced the sheer joy and utter contentment that friendship contains. One of the friendship goals that many people have (and actually everyone should have) is travelling together.

Travelling with your friends will undoubtedly change you and how you perceive your friendships..

  • You will discover newer sides to your friends:

Travelling with your friends, you’ll discover not just new places but also newer sides to the people you are with and those special moments will last forever. I found out through our travels that K (my infinitely better half) got endearingly clumsy around people who didn’t speak his language, I found that Maddy, my usually lazy friend, found hidden reserves of energy to explore eateries in a new city, I discovered that Manu, my super carefree friend couldn’t sleep without talking to her mom for half an hour each night! Everything from each other’s taste in music to food to ideas of fun can be discovered by simply taking a trip together!

  • You will discover newer sides to yourself:

Nothing opens our minds and horizons like travelling – I never knew the true spirit of the Rajasthani folk song “Padharo Mhare Des” (welcome to my land), till we visited the place and experienced the welcoming spirit of the people there, we never knew about the innocence of the ‘pahadi’ (mountain people) till we spent time with super frank and unabashedly intrusive locals in Himachal, and it was not till we actually went to Goa that we realised that it is not just a hyped party destination but a beautiful place full of happy people! Travel makes us more open-minded, and these experiences become all the more special and long lasting when shared with friends.

  • Friends who travel together, stay together:

Chances are, if someone is willing to invest time and money on travelling with you, they are great friends who value their friendship with you. The sublime bond of friendship is tested when you travel with your friends – being in their constant company, witnessing each other’s moments of euphoria and dull moments, from getting along like a house on fire to getting on each other’s nerves, once you have travelled with your friends, you become intimate like family.

  • Travelling with your friends brings maturity:

When you travel without parents, you are responsible for things like budget, eating on time (and not hogging on junk ALL for all the meals), keeping track of time etc.. Not just this, travelling with friends enables you to have more empathy, understanding others’ mood shifts and whims and fancies, knowing when to insist on something and when to give in. This insight into others’ (and your own) behaviour is cornerstone in building an individual’s personality!

  • Living without judgement:

Unlike with family, when you travel with friends, you can do whatever pleases you – sleeping in the wee hour of the morning, eating Italian 3 times a day, lying on the beach from sun up till sun down, you get to experience fun that can be, let’s say, frowned up by parents. I personally discovered my love for sea and playing on the beach on a vacation with friends. I also discovered, first hand, that eating junk all day long makes for one upset stomach!

  • You get comfortable with silences:

If I meet someone new, I can chatter on for hours about this and that without pausing. It is only with truly close friends that I can get comfortable with silences, without an awkward need to fill the void. Travelling with friends gives you an opportunity to ease into silences with friends without any pressure. Some of my favourite moments from a recent Rishikesh trip with some friends are the long drives, when the music filled up the spaces between us, and we were all just content to be together!

  • Travelling with your friends is one of the most fun things you will ever do:

travelling with your friends

All said and done, taking a trip with your besties is a hoot and a half! You take the fun of hanging out with friends, and multiply it exponentially! The staying together, the going out, the partying, the long chats, the million photographs, the laughter, the memories, a trip with friends, be it a one day trip or a long vacation, is like a never-ending party!

So travel as much as you can with friends. If you have to choose between a luxury and a trip, choose the trip. With our city lives and routine living, it has become imperative to break free from the routine from time to time. Travelling together is one of the best ways to have new experiences with your loved ones.

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