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Discover Your Wild Side – Explore Wildlife Destinations In India

Exploring the beautiful wildlife sanctuaries and reserves in India is an experience in itself. Like Indian culture, the wildlife here is rich and diverse. The varied wildlife sanctuaries in India attract tourists not just from within the country but also from world over. Every wildlife sanctuary or reserve in India has a distinctly gorgeous flora and fauna.
Here are my top five picks for the fellow wildlife enthusiasts –

Kaziranga National Park, Assam

Home to the famous Indian Big Five, Kaziranga National Park is a must visit for all the wildlife and travel enthusiasts. Lying at the southern banks of the mighty Brahmaputra River in Assam, it boasts of world’s highest population of Rhinoceros. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is also home to leopards, tigers, deer, elephants, wild buffalos and a variety of birds. Thanks to the glorious Brahmaputra River that the region is blessed with fertile soil and breeds a peculiar kind of grass called the elephant grass. The thick and tall elephant grass adds to the thrill and adventure of spotting the marvelous range of animals. You could book an elephant safari or a jeep safari and head out in the beautiful wilderness. Kaziranga National Park makes for an extraordinary wildlife holiday destination for children and adults alike. Best time to visit the park is from October end to April. So, plan a holiday to this beautiful North Eastern state and enjoy the glorious Indian wildlife like never before!

Sunderbans National Park, West Bengal

Sunderbans-National-Park-West Bengal
Sunderbans National Park is home to the fierce Royal Bengal Tiger. Spreading over West Bengal, India and Bangladesh, it is the largest mangrove forest in the world. This mysterious land of tigers and reptiles will leave you speechless with beautiful sundari trees and crisscrossing tributaries of the Ganges. The boat safaris at Sunderbans National Park make for a unique and adventurous animal spotting experience. The rich habitat of varied flora and fauna is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a no plastic zone. The locals here have a range of stories to tell and also serve the best Bengali home cooked meals. Book your tickets and head to an experience that will leave you spellbound!

Gir Forest National Park, Gujarat


Spread across 1400 square kilometres, Gir Forest boasts to be the home of flourishing breed of Asiatic Lions, once an endangered species. A hunting reserve for the Nawabs once, it has gained a status of a sanctuary only in 1990 with a meager 12 lions remaining. Thanks to the authorities that the number has now touched 450! There are plenty jeep safari options that will help you spot the Asiatic lions, wild boars, black bucks, porcupines, striped hyenas and others. For bird lovers, Gir houses over 300 different species of birds. The best time to spot the birds is December and January when they migrate from Europe. A paradise for early risers and wildlife enthusiasts as the animals are the most active during early mornings. Wait not! Plan now!

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Bandipur National Park, Karnataka

Bandipur was once a hunting reserve for the Maharajas in Mysore and is now a famous weekend getaway for many. The rich and beautiful flora and fauna is sure to captivate the ones longing for some time amidst nature. This well maintained natural reserve attracts tourists from far and wide. The park is predominantly renowned for tigers and elephants but leopards, bears, deer, monkeys and a variety of birds can also be spotted here. A cruiser jeep is the best way to explore the park and can be easily arranged for. Watching the animals in their natural habitat is exhilarating and the lofty mountains and lush surroundings act like a cherry on the cake! Venture into the wild and get ready for an adventurous trip!

Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

One of the most visited parks in India, Ranthambore National park is famous for its tigers. The vivid topography, ancient temples and ruins, dense forest and beautiful turquoise lakes make this park a blend of wildlife adventures, history and gorgeous landscapes. Tigers, Nilgai, hynenas, leopards, turtles, crocodiles etc can be spotted strutting around. Choose between a canter or a car and set out for a jungle safari on the gorgeous jungle trails of Ranthambore.

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Dealing with the fast-paced life of big cities on a regular basis, a vacation amidst the nature is a blessing! Explore the geographical diversity of our amazing country and spot some of the most rare and endangered wildlife species.

So, add these to your travel goals and explore the wilder side of Incredible India!

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