Celebrate New Year in Sydney

New Year In Sydney
New Year In Sydney

On the last day of the year, Sydney is in the limelight with billions of pairs of eyes marveling at the captivating fireworks displays. And the next day, the city is lauded yet again for its incredible New Year’s Eve (NYE) celebrations. Sydney has made a name for itself in world of events through its NYE festivities, courtesy its fabulous display of fireworks on Sydney Harbour. While fireworks are widely popular, these are not the only attraction of New Year’s Eve celebrations in Sydney. Here is what you should expect while engaging in festivities around the city.

Sydney Harbour Fireworks

Fireworks over the Sydney Harbour is the highlight of the celebrations with billions of people watching the great spectacle. Sydney New Year Tour and Travel helps you explore two fireworks displays: one at 9pm and other at midnight. To watch spectacular show live, 1.6 million people gather across Sydney. Australians who cannot make it to Sydney on this day, watch it on TV as it is broadcasted live across the country. The count of televised viewers in Australia is 2.3 million past year. And more than a billion people tune in to their TV sets or search for online videos from around the globe to get a feel of the best NYE celebration of the world.

The fireworks used for the NYE celebrations have a total weight of 7 tonnes and are created using 11,000 shells, 25,000 shooting comets and 100,000 pyrotechnic effects. While bursting that many firecrackers, Australia also pays heed to its carbon footprint. That’s why the fireworks are created with environmentally friendly techniques. Of all the garbage collected throughout the year, 80 per cent is recycled to contribute to a happy and green New Year celebration.

On the official website of Sydney New Year’s Eve, you can even watch a video of fireworks in the making.

Some of the best Sydney City Tour points are:

  • Sydney Opera House, the best point to observe the Harbour Bridge, serves as a great place to gasp at the magnificent display of fireworks right above the iconic bridge.
  • Around the Central Business District (CBD), Yurong Peninsula, specifically Mrs Macquarie’s Point, offers splendid views of the harbour alongside numerous restaurants and bars offering food and drinks.
  • The elegant bohemian centre around Balmain is located a short ferry ride away from Circular Quay.
  • Illoura Reserve offers exceptional views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This vantage point is great for families as it is easily accessible, doesn’t charge a fee for the spectacle and has an alcohol-free environment.
  • The north shore around North Sydney is a perfect place to enjoy the fireworks and welcome coming year. From this place, you can revel in excellent views of the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.
  • Ball’s Head in Waverton, another great vantage point in North Sydney, famed for spectacular vistas of the Sydney Harbour. Moreover, it is a family-friendly area.
  • Blue’s Point Reserve and Milson Point’s Bradfield Park in North Sydney lie close to all the action, both places offering great views of fireworks.
  • The golden sands of Bondi Beach are a area to gaze at the marvelous spectacle over the Sydney Harbour. North Bondi and Dover Heights are great options to watch the fireworks from a nice friendly area where families can celebrate together.
  • Take a stroll along the coast from Bondi to Coogee, enjoying the festivities to reach Coogee just in time to watch the NYE fireworks over Sydney Harbour.
  • Manly beach also a family-friendly spot, favoured by many to enjoy a picnic prior to the 9pm fireworks.

Other prominent NYE events

  • 6pm: Air Displays – In the sky right above Sydney Harbour, incredible Matt Hall air displays enthrall the spectators.
  • 7pm: Fire Tug Water Display – As the sun sets across the harbour, Sydney Ports Corporation blasts tonnes of water into the skies using a fire tug. The sprays create a fantastic scenery against the drowning sun.
  • 8pm: Air Displays – Another vibrant display of air shows to keep the viewers entertained.
  • 8.30pm: Pylon Projections – The north and south pylons of the Sydney Harbour Bridge are awakened with a lively projection of images onto their surfaces.
  • 8.40pm: Acknowledgement of Country – This ceremony focuses on honouring the Aboriginal as well as Torres Strait Islander cultures and heritage. The ceremony is marked by firing vibrant red flares into the sky from the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  • 8.45pm: Sydney Harbour Bridge Effect – The constantly changing images are displayed on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  • 9pm: Family Fireworks Display – This incredible 8-minute fireworks show is exhibited to allow families with young kids to be part of the amazing festivities. After the show, most families head back home to tuck their little ones in bed.
  • 9.15pm: Harbour of Light Parade – A number of illuminated vessels cruise the creating a magical scenery with lights reflecting on the water. Each of the vessels is adorned with coloured rope lights and the best decorated vessel takes the prize.
  • 10.40pm: The Inspire Moment – This astonishing show-stopper Inspire moment blasts from the Sydney Harbour.
  • Midnight Fireworks Display – The outstanding 12-minute fireworks display along with special effects on the Sydney Harbour Bridge marks the arrival of New Year.

During the festivities, more than 3,000 boats navigate the harbour – some participating the Harbour of Light Parade, others offering vantage points to spectators. The effects on the Harbour Bridge are done with rope light measuring 16-kms, 10,000 cable ties and approximately 4-km long electrical cable. So make your New Year’s Eve a spectacle to remember with life by grabbing a Sydney holiday package.

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