Christmas In Dubai

Dubai – ‘Tis the season to be jolly!

Come join the festive cheer and make your holiday season merrier in Dubai. This Middle Eastern emirate is the most sought after holiday destination for travelers from all over the world, especially so during the Christmas and New Years. Dubai, an oasis in the desert, is a complete package that offers a varied range of activities to everyone – from solo travelers to couples seeking for a romantic getaway and for families looking for a relaxing vacation with the kids. With beautiful holiday decorations adorning every mall and public attraction, numerous deals, shopping discounts and dazzling fireworks across the city make for a brilliant holiday experience.

The Christmas-y feels begin as early as the first week of December with the Irish village, Maison Mathis (a famous Belgian restaurant) and many others lighting up the stunning Christmas trees. There are groups singing Christmas carols, Santa distributing presents to the kids and the extensive holiday food menus offering the best savories and many more indulgences at the restaurants.

The Winter Carnival hosted at the Amphitheatre of Media City has a winter market and a fun fair where everyone can participate in fun activities like snowman building in a temporarily built snow area, Christmas tree decoration competition, reindeer rodeo, caricature artists cracking you up with their master pieces and variety of other activities.

Atlantis Dubai
And, if you are thinking that you have been spoiled for choices then – surprise, surprise! Atlantis The Palm organizes Christmas festivities that go on for twelve days. Transforming the Atlantis Festive Village into North Pole with Santa doing the rounds with his goodie bag, elves, reindeers and a lot more – The festive cheer is only going to double up here in Dubai. The festival also offers a series of activities which include screening of the brilliant holiday movies, arts and craft, elves reading bedtime stories to your kids, scrumptious holiday food and various other surprise elements.

shopping in Dubai

If you are looking for some retail therapy then there is no place better to shop from than Dubai, the shopping capital of Middle East and there is definitely no better time to indulge in shopping than the holiday season. With jaw dropping discounts and crazy deals – you are in for surprises at every store you walk in to. Shoppers from all over the world visit Dubai during this season to attend the flamboyantDubai Shopping Festival. Another highlight during this time is the Global Village. It hosts a fair where several countries display a range of their exquisite products and mouth watering local cuisine. So, go on – fuel yourself up with delectable food and shop till you drop!

With the weather cooling off, you could fully capitalize on the afternoons too this holiday season. Taking a city tour to marvel the unimaginable, one of a kind architecture and the meticulous efforts put in every part of this gorgeous city.

 Al Fahidi Fort Dubai

Kick-start your day at Bastakiya, visiting the oldest building in Dubai called Al Fahidi Fort and the Dubai museum. Stroll around the neighborhood to appreciate the true beauty of this place. If you fancy a quick meal – head to the XVA Art Gallery, an art gallery and a café, this is the best find for art lovers and for the people who want to nibble on some delicious snacks.

Taking a boat ride across the Dubai Creek will let you immerse in the beauty of the older parts of Dubai called Diera. Explore the well organized Spice Souk – an open market to buy spices. Let your senses marinate in the varied fragrances of dried flowers, herbs, spices and a wide range of various tea flavors – This is the best place to hoard quality stuff for your kitchen! Right adjacent to the Spice Souk, you will find the flashy Gold Souk. A warning – get ready to be blown away at every step! You will be awed and lured by the extravagant jewelry on display. While you are visiting the Gold Souk, don’t forget to see the world’s largest ring – a ring so big that it could cover your whole body! This is the best place to indulge in some gold shopping and buy yourself a new year’s present– after all, some jewelry never hurt no one!

 Christmas at Burj Khalifa Dubai

Your holiday trip to Dubai is incomplete if you don’t visit the Burj Khalifa. Spend an evening marveling the panoramic views of bejeweled Dubai from the observation deck of the tallest mega structure in the world, Burj Khalifa and then head straight to the Dubai Fountain to be mesmerized by the fountains dancing on some Christmas-y melodies.

Things to do in Dubai

There are a million things to do in Dubai and what better time than the upcoming holiday season. The balmy Dubai weather combined with the festive merriment awaits you. So, book your tickets, get your visa and pack your bags for the most amazing holiday season ever – because, there is absolutely nowhere like Dubai!

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