Discover Magical Lake Baikal

Discover Magical Lake Baikal & Witness HUGE Emerald Gems

Okay, so we all have kinda forgotten about winters, haven’t we? (Thanks to the scorching heat!) Well, it’s time to remember those chilly winds, puffy jackets, red nose and shivering hands! How about visiting a rare-known nature’s wonder in that extreme cold? Take this once-in-a-lifetime journey to discover magical Lake Baikal and to see what the incredible Siberian winter is all about.

Baikal in Winters
Baikal in Winters

High dose of adrenaline and endless horizons of frozen Lake Baikal provide extreme adventure opportunities and breathtakingly beautiful sights to see. All those who seek for active exploration amid gorgeous natural scenery, Baikal would be the perfect choice. Walk or drive over the frozen lake and stand among shiny ice cubes!

Adventures on the Lake

About 25 million years old, Lake Baikal, situated in eastern Siberia represents the oldest freshwater lake on Earth. Holding an astounding one fifth of world’s freshwater, it also happens to be one of the largest and deepest lakes. The temperature here gets so low that the whole lake freezes over!

Frozen Baikal Lake
Frozen Baikal Lake

Due to extreme cold temperature and winds, huge ice blocks form that can be as high as about 20 metres! With the sun rays falling on it, these transparent ice hummocks glow and shine in emerald green, the actual colour of underneath water.

Image Credits: Alexey Trofimov

I am very sure that this is kinda place that would not even have entered your fantasy dreamland. So now this is something you gotta visit which exceeds even the imagination of your mind! This deepest and clearest lake of Siberia is an ideal winter destination that is sure to get your breath away.

Incredible Nature’s Wonder

AMAZING FACT: Did you know that you don’t just admire wonderful ice sculptures at Baikal Lake but it is also an incredible musical instrument for ice drummers who come here to create their music tones! That indeed should be the ‘COOLEST’ music in the world! 😉

A Sea Of Frozen Ice !

For about five months starting winter from January and upto May, the lake keeps frozen.  But the water is so amazingly clear that even on freezing, you can see an astounding 130 feet below you! This photographic natural phenomenon occurs around a very specific time of year, i.e. March.

Majestic Frozen Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia
Majestic Frozen Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

Ice masses get formatted on the top of the frozen lake that is caused by the slow and unequal pressure in the main body of the packed ice as well as by unequal structure and temperature.

This one of the most unique places in the world is exactly the one for any travel fanatic’s bucket list!

Ice Hummocks covered in frost

Russia’s Magical Lake Baikal is so big that it is often mistaken for sea! This crystal clear water lake is also famous for its unique wildlife. The lake is home to more than 2,000 species of plants and animals of which two-thirds cannot be found anywhere else on earth!

LakeBaikal Ice Trekking

Baikal Omul fish and Oil fish along with the Nerpa, one of the world’s only freshwater species of seal are the rare wildlife that is only found in Lake Baikal.

World’s only Freshwater Species of Seal

So what are you waiting for? Oh ya! WINTERS! 😀

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