Do-Buy at Dubai Shopping Festival 2014!

I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.
– Tammy Faye Bakker

And in today’s stress filled world, we very much need a ventilator to let our worries breathed out. Well, a holiday does not necessarily mean to lay on the beaches under the palm shades! A holiday is to remove stress right? Ask any girl out there what’s the best stress buster and the answer is always one- Shopping! And I am quite sure that the biggest stress buster for any man would be to see his woman’s affectionate smile. 😉

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When planning for an exclusive shopping holiday, the first place to cross our minds is Dubai! The icon of deserts- Dubai is best known for… well, everything! But being more specific to our topic right now, it is best associated with shopping. Every year, it holds a grand shopping festival renowned world over as Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF).

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The Dubai Shopping Festival 2014 is going on right now so if you have not yet booked your tickets, you still have got some time as it is a month long shopping fiesta! However, you should not procrastinate your plan because each minute people are grabbing hold of items that you may want!

Dubai is ahead of Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong as a shopping avenue! Today Dubai is the second most popular shopping destinations in the world after only USA.

Dubai Shopping Festival was started in 1996 to promote trade and commerce in Dubai and today it has become the most prime tourist season. At this time you can grab the best retail products at unbelievable prices. This year, the festival runs till February 2, featuring much more than just shopping deals. It is hosting more than 150 events including cultural activities, fine dining and the theme for the shopping festival is ‘Shop at your Best providing sales and discounts at more than 6,000 shops!


Find the best deals for clothes, electronics, jewellery and watches. Apart from grabbing as-much-as-you-can number of shopping bags, you can also take part in many exciting activities like film festivals, special events for youngsters, impressive street plays, amazing fireworks, international fashion shows, and much more to experience. Not that Dubai is dull in other days but it’s a different charm at this time altogether!

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The festival is spread across numerous malls, shops and souks that offer lucrative deals and discounts on a wide range of products. Choose your picks of favourite international brands right from trendy apparel to accessories or home furnishings or perfumes, cosmetics… anything! Don’t skip the souks, the essence of Arabian markets as they are the true show stealers. You can get mind popping deals for buying gold here! Not just gold, you can find the top brands jostling at the local shops and heart melting local artefacts that will put charms to your guest room back home.

Crazy Deals at Top Brands

While your children can have a great time at Children’s City or Sinbad’s Fun Club, your hubby would be too busy grabbing unbelievable deals on his favourite Rolex and Rado wrist watches. Enjoy the glitzy streets and amazing firework displays at night while trying out on some truly scrumptious local cuisines.


So, plan your holiday now to assure a fun-n-thrill filled Dubai experience. Book your hotels and flights online according to your requirements or see our ready made Dubai shopping festival package. Keep in mind, right now, Dubai has so many of your favourite things on sale… and in your budget too! Don’t miss the chance!

Love of your wife is directly proportionate to her shopping escapades! 😀

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