4 Fabulous Places to go for Honeymoon in North East India

There is always a mystic appeal of the North East. The mountains and clouds summon the most romantic souls. Going on the first trip together in these enchanting hills gives a special kind of thrill. The mysterious hills of the North-East hymn a seductive chant that will set the mood for your first trip together.
Unspoiled by the touristy crowds these hills and plains offer the perfect opportunity for you two love birds to savour some private time together. These secluded hills will present you with the scope to come closer and feel cosy, throughout your entire trip.


The land of tea gardens and the lush green mountains, Darjeeling offers a very appealing landscape for the honeymooners. Witness the rising sun at the Tiger Hills and enjoy a morning coffee, up there in the hills.
The fountains of Rock Gardens will give you the ideal opportunity to click the perfect honeymoon picture and you can enjoy the wild greenery of the tea gardens of Darjeeling. Enjoy the fabulous view from the Passenger Ropeway. Take a trip down to the Botanical Gardens and enjoy a fabulous view of the Kanchenjunga.

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Botanical Garden
From Darjeeling, you can also take a trip down to Kalimpong. Known as the bazaar-town of the North-East, this destination will allow you to visit many famous monasteries with an enchanting view. It is a short trip from Darjeeling to Kalimpong and if you get tired by the crowd of Darjeeling, you two can have some cosy time at Kalimpong.


The North East is never short of scenic beauty and picturesque mountains. Gangtok is yet another destination which will surely capture your imagination. The beautiful Teesta River sets the perfect mood for you and your partner to embrace the beauty of the place. And you two love-birds can also go for a river-rafting down the streams there.

Yak Safari in Gangtok
Then there is of course the chance to ride the mighty yaks. Both of you can go on a yak safari together. It would be a trip to remember throughout your entire lives. You must then visit the Tashi View Point and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the sunset, together.
Put you bargaining skill as a couple at test by visiting the famous Lal Bazaar of Gangtok. This local marketplace gets as colourful as you can imagine. People from different villages gather here to sell their handicrafts and you two will have a lovely time doing some shopping together.

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Mirik Sumendu Lake

The destinations in the North East are always known for their enchanting scenic beauty and Mirik is no exception. A honeymoon in Mirik will offer you the calm and quite which you will need to get along together as a couple.

Orange-Orchards in Mirik
Get mesmerized by the beauty and tranquillity of the Sumendu Lake and cross the 80 foot bridge together, whilst holding each other’s hands. Can it get even more romantic than this? Well yes it can! Take trip down the enchanting Orange Orchards and witness the most beautiful plantation you can ever find.

Mirik Tea garden

Talking about plantations, you should also most definitely pay visit to the agricultural land of Mirik, called the Bunkulung. Enjoy a view of the sunset together at the Rameetay Dhara viewpoint and spend a night at the Mirik Tea Gardens. Do not forget to visit the famous Pashupati Nagar marketplace and buy some memorabilia to mark your first trip together.



Like all the destinations in the North-East Pelling also comes with its own quaint charm. The mesmerizing hills and the clouds leave a hypnotic effect on the travellers. If you are planning for a dreamy honeymoon escapade then Pelling perhaps is the best location ever.

Located in the western borders of Sikkim, Pelling is one pleasant delight for the honeymooners. Known for its picturesque beauty, Pelling offers the couples the enchanting Sewaro Rock Gardens where they can sit and relax for a while. The Singshore Bridge offers a really captivating sight and considering the fact that it is the highest bridge in entire Sikkim, you two are up for a treat.

Kanchenjunga fall
Take multiple pictures of our spouse in front of the milky stream of the Kanchenjunga fall and take a trip down the mesmerizing Khecheopalri Lake. As a couple you must also visit the beautiful village of Darap. The ethnic communities residing in the region are overly friendly and you two will have some lovely memories together.

North East India

The destinations of North-East are similar in many ways. There are of course the hills and the tea estates, the quaint charm and the music of the mountains. It is like venturing into a undiscovered land of beauty where things are quite different than what you experience at home.
Start your married life with a taste of a simpler life of the beautiful destinations of North East.

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