Honeymoon in Andaman

The archipelago of picturesque tiny to medium sized islands, Andaman and Nicobar Islands boasts of some of the most scenic landscapes in the world. The islands with their innate charm and exquisiteness, welcome couples from around the world to spend their honeymoon in Andaman. Most honeymooner, however, take a trip to the capital, Port Blair and return back. And while Port Blair is a spectacular getaway for couples, there are many gems in the archipelago that offer exceptional time to honeymooners.

Neil Island

One of the most beautiful islands lying in the south of the Andaman Islands, Neil Island Is renowned for its fetching surroundings. The sun-kissed beaches are uncrowded and offer a great escape to the honeymooners. Furthermore, the island is also rich in biodiversity encompassing marvelous tropical forests and pristine coral reefs. To reach this piece of heaven, you can board a boat from Port Blair and revel in the charms and serenity while coming to this place. And if you are up for adventure, head to Laxmanpur, Bharatpur and Sitapur beaches for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Campbell Bay

Yet another fascinating beauty, the Campbell Bay lies on the island of Great Nicobar. With an idyllic setting, this destination brings out the romantic in you. And an incredibly exciting helicopter ride from Port Blair to reach Campbell Bay is also quite very exciting. Lie on a pristine beach and hike the wonderful Campbell Bay National Park, laden with lush green spaces, tropical jungles, orchid fields and a variety of wildlife including megapode, crab-eating macaque, giant robber crab and beautiful Nicobar pigeon.

Baratang Island

This is the beach getaway for adventurous kinds of honeymooners. While the Baratang Island is bestowed with tons of natural beauty and alluring charm, its biggest draw is the unique limestone caves, serene beaches, astonishing mud-volcanoes and beautiful mangrove creeks. Explore the stellar attractions of this beach on your honeymoon in the Andaman.

Little Andaman Island

This dazzling island is a one amongst the many gems you will come across on your romantic holiday in Andaman. The Little Andaman Island offers a perfect romantic sojourn for the newlyweds. From lazing on the beach Butler Bay or Harminder Bay to surfing on the waves, the island offers so much to do. And couple will simply love the exciting elephant safaris into the deep woods. For those adventurous kinds, what better activity than hiking the wilderness holding hands and feeling the romance in the air. The two magnificent waterfalls – White Surf Waterfall and the Whisper Wave Waterfall are refreshing sights that leave you spellbound.

Cinque Island

It is an enchanting beach marked by unspoilt sun-kissed beaches, unique coral reefs and a fascinating variety of marine life. A perfect escapade for honeymooners as this island gives them enough opportunities to spend time with each other, away from the tourists. The island is categorised into two parts, north and south Cinque connected with the sand bar. Relax on the powder-soft sand or explore the charming coral gardens, you will find plenty of moments to revel in the refinement this island offers.


This bewitching town lies on the southern side of Aerial Bay and at an elevation of 43 metres above the sea level. One of the must-visit places in the Andaman, this town is possesses an enchanting forest and the stunning Kalpong River winds right through the town, making it a delightful place to visit. Indulge in a great trek to the Saddle Peak with your beloved and reach the highest point of the Andaman Islands, explore the Alfred Caves, and the Ross and Smith Island, just off the coast. Or simply unwind yourself on Lamiya Bay and Ramnagar Beach.


Mayabunder is renowned for its scenic beauty. It is one of those places that you see on magazines or TV and wish you were there. Here is your chance and what more would one want than to be here with the beloved. The breathtaking panoramas, unparalleled beaches and beautiful mangroves creeks are aplenty here. It is noted as one of the best honeymoon destinations in India. Make sure you spend at least one day on the Karmatang beach and take in its fascinating opulence in its sparkling crystal-clear water, powder-fine sand and serene romantic ambience.

Long Island

One of the most idyllic islands in the Adams, Long island is simply gorgeous and must be visited by couples, whether honeymooning or not. The marvelously exquisite beach at Lalaji Bay makes you fall in love with the nature and as brings the lovers closer, especially when they discover together the myriads of surprises the island holds. Go on a boat ride off the coast to spot the adorable dolphins swimming in the ocean, trek the deep forests together and marvel at the wildlife or just stroll along the coastline with your spouse.

So whatever it is that you wish to do, Andaman honeymoon packages ensure that you have the most memorable time of your life.

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