Jungfrau- World of Eternal Ice & Snow

Jungfrau – An Icy Encounter

“Welcome to a world of eternal ice and snow surrounded by majestic mountain peaks throughout the year. Catering to the demands of every traveller, Jungfrau awaits your visit to capture awestruck expressions!”

Top of Europe- Jungfrau

Set in Switzerland, in the Bernese Alps, the ever-covered-in-snow mountain range is a 10 km wall of sheer ice! Jungfrau, the highest peak in the range, towers 4158 metres high and is the most beautiful range.

Beautiful Jungfraujoch Range

Venture aboard a lifetime memorable Alpine tour to the intriguing Jungfraujoch- the top of Europe. Above 3,454 metres from the sea level, the place is always covered with cotton-like fresh snow gleaming in sunlight. It’s no less than a glimpse of heaven in ultimately unspoilt environment with pure white snow wherever you see. It’s a fascinating world with various attractions like Ice Palace, Alpine Research Exhibition, The Ski and Snowboard Park, and the very famous Sphinx Terrace which provides stunning panoramic views of the surroundings.

Perfect Snow Slopes for Skiing| Photo Credits: Jungfrau Tourism

Fascinating way to get to Jungfrau and taking incredible views of the snow capped mountains is through the historical cogwheel train or the modern trains. Europe’s highest altitude railway station is one of the major tourist attractions. It takes you to the top of Europe at 11,333 feet high and gives simply unbelievable views of Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau and the longest river of ice in Alps. It’s altogether a majestic feeling to be officially at top of Europe.

Journey towards the Mountain Top

Enter to a high Alpine world, just out from your fantasies, marvel amidst ice, snow and rocks and capture the beauty in your eyes from vantage terraces. It is worth taking the cable car to witness the longest ice stream in Alps- the Great Aletsch Glacier. If you are there on a clear day, you can see as far as Vosges Mountains in France and Black Forests of Germany! Witness the incredible world of ice.

Top of Europe overlooking Vosges Mountains in France

Welcome to a unique world of glacier that has fascinated people world-over since time immemorial. Witness how colossal the Great Aletsch Glacier really is. A world of its own, an excursion to Switzerland’s glacier world and to the Sea of Ice is an unforgettable experience.

Incredible World of Ice

Ice Palace, the most spectacular sight of Europe, is an extensive palace carved out of a glacier that stands tall over the Jungfrau peak offering enchanting collection of ice sculptures. A blue revolving door opens the way to an icy blue stairway. In no seconds, the ceiling changes to glacier. Oh! You are in Palace of Ice … literally! Welcome to the world of eternal ice shimmering with a bluish hue. Walk into the long cave-like passages that soon take you to halls full of several ice structures. The two mountain guides who had started carving out the glaciers with only ice axes and saws long back in 1930 would never have imagined that it will turn into such an incredibly beautiful world-class attraction!

Amazing Palace of Ice

Okay! So you have reached the roof of Europe. Now; coming so high, wouldn’t you want to step atop the roof too? Oh yes, you can surely do it. Board the fastest ski lift in Switzerland from Sphinx Hall and reach the top within 25 seconds! Welcome to the Sphinx Observation Terrace! Aletsch Glacier, the longest glacier in the Alps at 22km in length is directly at your feet! Oh! I hope you did not forget your goggles at home because carrying it here is a MUST! Experience the breathtaking panoramic views of surroundings and the snow capped peaks of neighbouring countries- France, Germany and Italy. Well, you can carry your binocs too! 😛

Sphinx Terrace| Photo Credits: Jungfrau Tourism

Jungfrau Region is an ideal excursion destination for the whole family. Whizz down the mountains on a scooter bike or zoom through the air with the First Flyer at upto 80 km/h. There are countless adventure opportunities to enhance your adventure experience.

First Flyer- Jungfrau| Photo Credits: Jungfrau Tourism

Enjoy at the Ski & Snowboard Fun Park right at the top of Europe and slide down the snowy mountains in a variety of ways. Give a kick to your adrenaline by taking a high Alpine Ski tour.  For hikers, Jungfrau offers spectacular hiking trails. In summers, there are ski- lifts and numerous other adventure possibilities to enjoy. Not wanting to keep your courage at risk, you can simply enjoy walking in the virgin snow in the snow plateaus.

Exciting Snow Sports| Photo Credits: Jungfrau Tourism

No tour can be complete without a treat for the belly! And what would be better to have food and enjoy drinks amidst the spectacular sights! There are numerous inviting restaurants in the Jungfrau Region all offering various delicacies with matchless views of the Alps. You can opt for the glacier restaurant named ‘Top of Europe’ which is usually preferred by various tourists because of its superior location.

Perfect Ambience to Eat| Photo Credits: Jungfrau Tourism

The excursion to Jungfrau is an unmatched experience which offers stunning views of a wonder-world of snow and ice and exceptional fun to all its visitors and guarantees fresh snow and ice.

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