Places to Visit in Malaysia

From the urban sprawl of Kuala Lumpur to the fascinating beaches of Langkawi, Malaysia is an exceptionally gorgeous country. And if you are planning a vacation, here are the incredible places you must visit.

Cameron Highlands

The most beautiful hill station in Malaysia, Cameron Highlands in Pahang offer a cool escape from the sweltering heat in the lowlands of the country. Laden with magnificent natural beauty, the Highlands spread around the Titiwangsa Mountains have a picturesque setting consisting of verdant landscapes. Tea plantation is widespread and sprinkled with farms of colourful flowers, forests and lakes, nestling a variety of wildlife and offering great outdoor recreation on your Malaysia family tour.

Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is the capital of the Sabah State and is situated on the tropical paradise – Borneo. It is home to Mount Kinabalu, the tallest peak in Malaysia. Owing to its close proximity to the biodiversity hotspot, Kota Kinabalu has become a major tourist destination. A must-visit place on your Malaysia holiday, it offers a lovely experience of tropical islands, exotic wildlife, beautiful rainforests, and forested national parks.

Taman Negara National Park

It is the largest park on Peninsular Malaysia, spanning across three states and acclaimed for its spellbinding rainforest, which is reputed to be the world’s oldest tropical rainforest. Lata Berkoh & Waterfall Cascades, Kelah Fish Sanctuary and Tahan Wildlife Observation Hide are other attractions that draw huge crowds. You are sure to discover a treasure here comprising exotic wildlife, rare tropical plants, numerous colourful birds and endemic animals like the Sumatran Rhinoceros, Malayan Tiger and Asian elephant.


This sun-kissed island is located in the Strait of Malacca just off the northwestern coast of West Malaysia. Inspiring beauty of beaches, enriching history of George Town and a mouthwatering variety of culinary delights make this place just superb. The idyllic setting attracts a lot of couples.


Despite being the most populous city in the state of Sarawak, Kuching retains its pristine natural beauty. It is the largest city on the island of Borneo and is a popular gateway to its fascinating rainforests. It also offers outdoor recreation within the city due to places like Kuching Waterfront, Kuching Reservoir Park, Sarawak River and Talang Talang Island. With a comprehensive Malaysia tour package, you can even go to Gunung Gading National Park and Crocodile Farm, which offer great excursions.

Perhentian Islands

There is nothing better than lying on the beaches of coral-fringed islands and soaking up the sun along with the mesmerising views of the sea. Moreover, the crystal clear water nestles a variety of marine wildlife including turtles, coral reefs, reef sharks and numerous fish. The water offers a perfect getaway for divers and snorkellers.


This is the forefront island getaway of the country and every time you think of Malaysia, the awe-inspiring beaches of Langkawi come to your mind. Lying just off the northwestern coast of the country in the Andaman Sea, it is an archipelago of 99 islands, each comprising eternal beauty. The islands are replete with gorgeous beaches, lush rainforests, verdant mangroves and massive mountains.

Gunung Mulu National Park

This spellbinding sight is renowned for its exceptional limestone karst formations as well as jaw-dropping cave systems. The Gunung Mulu National Park is one of the most astounding natural phenomenon here. The cave systems of this national park must be explored as they are incredibly amazing with some really large and long cave systems. The world’s largest cave chamber, the Sarawak Chamber, is also located in the region.

Sipadan Island

The picturesque Sipadan Island is a heaven for divers and thanks to its rich marine life, it is noted amongst the best dive sites of the world. The crystalline water surrounding the island is frequented by hammerhead sharks, manta rays, hawksbill and greenback turtles, barracudas and whale sharks, among other marine creatures.

Kuala Lumpur

The urban landscape of Kuala Lumpur is unlike any other. Shopping and nightlife are the biggest draw of this city and it also presents some of the most elegant dining options across Malaysia. When it comes to sightseeing, it boasts everything from KL Bird Park, a walk-in aviary to Aquaria KLCC, home to around 5,000 varieties of fish.

Your Malaysia tour is incomplete without visiting these places, so get set and go.

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