Romantic Destinations for Your Valentine’s Vacation

Romantic Destinations for Your Valentines Vacation
Valentine’s Day is considered to be the most romantic day of the year across the world. It is a time to express love to your dear ones and it is also a great time to take a vacation. What better gift can you give to your partner in the coming Valentine’s Day, than an intimate and romantic vacation to one of the dreamy destinations that we have handpicked. 

February is also a great time to travel as the weather is pleasant. It is also a preferred month of travel for many couples who want to celebrate their love and relationship during Valentine’s Week. So, make sure to plan well in advance to make your Valentine’s vacation one to remember for ages. 

Here are some of the most romantic destinations for you to pick from for your Valentine’s Week Vacation this time. 

Paris, France
Paris Valentine's Vacation
There is no debating the fact that Paris would top any list concerning romance and love. The city has been immortalized and eulogized by poets, authors, filmmakers, and artists as the most romantic city of the world. This “moveable feast” of a city is a dream destination for anyone who wants to celebrate their love in the grandest possible ways. Paris has some of the most iconic landmarks of the world that you can see including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Arc De Triumph, and so much more.

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You can simply soak in the romance that saturates every corner of this fascinating city by taking walks with your beloved. For lovers of art, architecture, and literature Paris is truly a paradise. Sit in one of the quaint cafes dotting the city and simply watch the people go about their daily tasks. Read a book and sip on French coffee as you enjoy the company of your partner in one of the most romantic cities in the world. Later in the evening you can catch an enthralling cabaret performance at the famous Moulin Rouge and explore Paris by night hand in hand with your paramour. 

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy Valentine's Vacation

Imagine your partner and you floating down a canal in a gondola being serenaded by your gondolier. If that image excites you, then Venice is the perfect destination for your Valentine’s Week Vacation this year. This vibrant city is steeped in history and boasts of some of the most beautiful architectural monuments of the world. Walk across the St. Mark’s Square or head over to the incredibly romantic Bridge of Sighs, or simply relax at one of the cafes and listen to the melodious strains of the local musicians.

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Venice is home to many magnificent historical monuments which you can explore with your partner. You can visit the spectacular St. Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, the Clock Tower, and the Prisons of Venice. Do not forget to take a lazy gondola ride through the famous canals of Venice or simply walk along the streets and discover the hidden secrets of this romantic city with your beloved. 


Maldives Valentine's Vacation
Nothing spells romantic like being on a secluded beach with your soulmate with the sound of waves in the background. Often preferred as a honeymoon destination, Maldives is also an ideal destination for you to renew your love for Valentine’s Day. This island nation is a tropical paradise and perfect for sweethearts looking to escape the February chill. Plan your Valentine’s sojourn to the Maldives and make it a holiday that you will never forget.

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The Maldives offers free Visa on Arrival to tourists and you can get great packages on a stay at some of the most indulgent resorts you can imagine. Soak in the sun, sand, and surf in this picturesque destination in the company of your better half. Enjoy delicious local cuisine and fresh seafood along with a variety of cocktails while you rejuvenate in the midst of nature at its finest. Surround yourselves with turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean at the Maldives and forget the world outside this Valentine’s Weekend. 


Switzerland Valentine's Vacation
Immortalized by the many Bollywood romance movies, Switzerland is a destination that is present in everyone’s list of most romantic places. From the majestic snow-capped Alps to the lush green meadows and quaint hamlets dotting the spectacular countryside, Switzerland has everything that you need for the perfect fairytale romance setting. Cities like Zurich, Zermatt, and Montreux look like they have been brought to life by a magician or a fairy godmother.

The idyllic surroundings, spectacular vineyards, rolling green hills, and enchanting woods are all the perfect ingredients for Valentine’s Vacation of your dreams. Enjoy a delightful snow fight with your partner or wander around hand in hand as you breathe in the fresh clean air of the Swiss Alps. Gaze out onto the panoramic views of the mountain peaks covered with snow looking like a winter wonderland. February is also a good time to witness snowfall in this part, so if you are lucky, you can enjoy this with your soulmate. 

Krabi & Phuket, Thailand

Krabi & Phuket, Thailand Valentine's Vacation

What is better than visiting one spectacular beach destination with your partner? Visiting two exotic beach destinations that will pamper your senses and let you spend quality time with your better half on Valentine’s Day. Krabi and Phuket in Thailand are the perfect destinations for you if this is what you are looking for. Go for relaxing couple’s massages, enjoy the delicious Thai food in private dinners overlooking the beach or enjoy each other’s company as you bask in the delicious tropical sun in one of the spending beaches here.

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There are also plenty of activities that you can enjoy while you are here including water sports, hiking, trekking, and day excursions to nearby islands. One of the most romantic excursions that couples can experience for Valentine’s Day is to visit John Gray’s Hong by starlight. This unique activity lets you witness an almost otherworldly phenomenon of bioluminescence coupled with fireflies while floating in the water. If you have promised to bring the stars to your beloved this Valentine’s Day, then this experience is something you must not miss. 

A Valentine’s Day to Remember

Valentine’s - Vacation
This time on Valentine’s Day, say goodbye to the traditional flowers and chocolates and gift your sweetheart a journey that you will both remember for years to come. Choose from the above romantic destinations for the one that suits your budget and interests and get planning to surprise your partner. Come, fall in love all over again at these spectacular and romantic cities across the world

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