Things to do in Singapore on Honeymoon

Checking out some exotic locations for your honeymoon? Dreaming of Singapore for your honeymoon trips? Singapore is the right destination for your romances. Heart-pumping F1 races, Universal Studios attractions, and a lot more. Singapore has a handful of varieties to enlighten your marriage tour. It is a country where people travel from all over the globe, to visit the charm and true marvels of nature

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All from the sci-fi builds, to contemporary art, to billion-dollar garden- Singapore is all about an exciting vacation. This beautiful place has got various cherishing moments, where a newlywed couple can indeed be mesmerized.

Top Attractions in Singapore on Honeymoon

These top attractions are the best things to do for the couples on their honeymoon. Check the below mentioned hot spots, and make it a momentous trip.

  1. Changi Point Walk

    Changi Point Walk
    Just a walk? Not just a walk, but a romantic and heart-filling coastal walk is all enough for a couple, especially in the evening with that cool breeze. Changi Point Coastal Walk is one of the most popular romantic places that you must not miss visiting in Singapore. This walk point gives an astounding view of the offshore, boats and of course the beautiful sea. The enchanting green trees will completely mesmerize you and your partner with the charming sunset.

  2. Marina Bay

    Singapore Marina Bay SandsTake a deep stroll in the Marina Bay, and have fun with the laser light show, amazing water jet display, and fire geysers, which will inevitably make you stunned. Marina Bay is another popular attraction in Singapore that you got to step in, just to enjoy. The day can be spent well, by the Bay Sands, wherein the evening will take you to the next level of love. The spot has also got some luxurious lounges and hotels, to spend your evening beautifully.

  3.  Night Safari in Mandai

    Night Safari Singapore
    Missing something? A romantic honeymoon is something quite amazing, but making it adventurous can be more momentous. Experience the first-nightwildlife park safari of animals occurring at night. The park has got more than 1000 animals, wherein the night species go on thereafter sunset life, hunting, grazing, wild activities, roaming, and various environmental activities under the moon. You have got tour guides, along with walk trails which spans you around more than 5 geographic regions inside the park. The trained handlers also exhibit the nocturnal activities of hyenas, wolves, and various animals.

  4. Singapore & Sentosa

    Singapore & Sentosa River Safari
    This is another popular spot in Singapore, wherein you have access to unlimited fun for the entire two days. You get an opportunity to more than 10 theme parks with various and unique attractions with just a single entry pass- which lets you travel from one park to another. Remember to activate your Singapore and Sentosa my pass before you start up with your activities. A thrilling, adventurous, fun and amazing Singapore is all waiting for you. Bird parks, wildlife visits, flower domes, Insect palace, night safari, river safari, Tigerly tour, zoo and a lot more.

  5. Sentosa Island Tour

    Sentosa Island Tour, Singapore
    Explore the popular attractions and insights of a renowned resort in Singapore. Picturesque view of Singapore from the Cable car ride, after which you can easily ride to the amazing butterfly park. Also, don’t miss the Skyline Luge Ride at Sentosa. Butterfly gardens, lush greenery, and a lot of other attractions just showcase the astounding beauty of entire Singapore. If you or your partner is a nature lover then this is a must visit a place that you must not miss in Singapore. You can also pre-book your tickets with the ticketing agents to get you through the tour.

  6. Head Rock VR

    Head Rock VR Sinagpore
    If you and your partner is a tech junkie or loves technology to its core, then Head Rock VR is all you must experience. Firing enemies, crossing dangerous zones, and robust electric powers and balancing yourself in heights, in a game is all that head Rock VR offers to experience. It would be realistic gaming feel that literally makes you completely crazy and mad in love with the tech. Get your virtual experience here in Singapore with Head Rock VR.

We have listed all the top things that you must thoroughly experience in Singapore. Well, not just these, this hot spot has a lot more to see, visit and experience. Inevitably, it is the most charming location in Asia.

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