Top 5 Destinations You Should Visit to Fulfil Your Bollywood Dreams

Have you ever thought where some of your favourite Bollywood movies and songs have been shot? Where do all those exotic places in romantic movies spring up from and how does Bollywood manage to find breathtaking locations? Well, some of them are custom made sets and some are even real-life locations!

Do you want all the juice on Bollywood’s exotic locations? Sit on your favourite comfy couch and read on, allowing your wandering heart to dream of your next vacation. You can visit these exotic places, but first make sure you book your tickets once you’ve picked your favourite location:

1. Sukna Reserve Forest, West Bengal
The popular song ‘Kyon na hum-tum…’ from the movie Barfi is not only remembered for its beautiful composition but also for its amazing cinematography, which highlights the Sukna forest range near the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, West Bengal. Sukna Reserve Forest casts a spell on your heart that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit.

2. Hadimba Devi Temple, Manali 
Hadimba Devi Temple is also known as the Dhungiri Temple in Manali, became famous just in one night, thanks to the 2013 blockbuster Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. The movie is all about summer romance and an unforgettable college trek attached a different string of belief to this temple. The temple is especially worshipped because it houses a block of stone that has imprints of the feet of the Goddess Hadimba.

3. Munnar, Kerala
‘Kashmir Tu, Main Kanyakumari’, this foot tapping dance song from the movie Chennai Express has been entirely shot at the Munnar tea Plantation in Kerala. And if you are planning a vacation Munnar is the fabulous destination that holds the charm of misty valleys, dense forest and a seductive weather.

4. Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne travel tour, Australia is the world within the world and also the hub of style, culture and food. The beauty of this dazzling city has been perfectly captured in the song ‘My Dil Goes Mmmm’ from the film Salam Namaste. Melbourne can be termed as ‘Bollywood Favourite’ when it comes to filming. Salam Namaste was one of the first Indian movies to be shot entirely in Australia.

5. Goa, India
A road trip to goa with your best friends on the beautiful Bombay-Goa highway, that’s the stuff cult movies are made of. In the song ‘Dil Chahta Hai’, Goa appears in all its charm and glory, you can see the white sandy beaches, Arabian Sea waters, the adventure sports and finally, the popular scene that covers the wall at Chapora Fort. This is one of the coolest songs that can take you to the coolest holiday destination – GO GOA GOING!



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