Top 5 Summer Family Holiday Destinations

Planning A Summer Family Holiday ?

The very mention of a summer family holiday  initiates the feeling of joy and fervor, particularly when it involves all the members of a family. With immense workload in the professional and domestic front, spending time with the family remains out of the question most of the times. Therefore, planning a holiday is one of the most reasonable options and leaves behind unforgettable moments for each member of the family including the kids. The summertime is ideal for getting off to a jaunt after the long spell of winter and the chill that remains in the springtime. When it comes to a family trip, it is important to cater to the requirements of each member, particularly when the kids are a part of the vacation.

This article presents the top five summer destinations in India and other parts of the world that will rejuvenate your mind for planning a family vacation proactively.

1. Bhimtal and Nainital

Summer Family Holiday Nainital Bhimtal

These lake districts of Uttarakhand are not only picturesque but also captivates the mind of the visitors with the natural beauty of the Kumaon Hills that surrounds this location. While enjoying the snow-clad beauty of the Himalaya is a pleasure, the cold weather provides relief to the tourists as extreme heat conditions prevail during the summer in a majority of states. You can enjoy boating with your family or visit the food stalls for getting a taste of the local cuisine. The opportunity of hikes and nature trails in Bhimtal makes it special as a holiday destination for the travelers.

2. Daytona Beach and Amelia Island

Florida is one of the most preferred summer holiday destinations for people across the globe and this is largely due to its climate. For those residing in the western part of the world, whether it is Europe, North America or Canada, the winter is always long and dark. If you are keen to take a bath in the deep blue sea or just love sunbathing on the beach itself, Daytona is the perfect destination. Moreover, you can drive on the beach for exciting your senses. Similarly, Amelia Island is a place that serves as the perfect destination for spending time with the family.

3. Ladakh

Ladakh summer family holiday destination

This is one of the most attractive summer holiday destinations for those who try to escape the heat and humidity that symbolizes Indian summer. You will have an experience of a lifetime when you visit the cold desert of this region. If you are keen to travel to a place that transforms you into a serene world and far away from the bustling crowd of the city, Ladakh is an ideal destination.

4. Ardeche

Kids often succumb to boredom and dullness that prevails during the summer holidays. How about traveling to a place to engage in some of the most popular water-sport activities? Ardeche is located in France and you can stay in the specially made chalets with your family and enjoy activities such as canoeing, climbing, and kayaking in this attractive destination.

5. Coorg

This place is nestled among the lush green hills of Karnataka and is located at about three thousand and five hundred meters above the sea level. Coorg is home to some of the exotic golf courses and enjoying a spectacular view of the tea and coffee plantations is interesting when you drive past the beautiful hilly roads.

These  summer family holiday destinations are simply awesome and you will cherish the moments that you spend in these places with your family.

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