Wheels’ Race to the top

It’s a mad race going on for years between the nations to provide the highest of Ferris Wheels to the visitors for their entertainment. Let’s have a look on the World’s Tallest Ferris Wheels in motion.

World’s First Ferris Wheel

It is the first ever Wheel of Joy that was constructed way back in 1893 by Mr. George Ferris. And from thereon, it was named as Ferris Wheel. Who knew this wheel will run throughout the world!

1. London Eye, London, England
Height: 442 feet

London Eye

It all started when ‘The London Eye’ marked the celebrations of London’ Millenium in March 2000 and wowed the world with its ‘very’ giant Ferris Wheel, the World’s Largest! The excitement was such that it crossed 50 million visitors since its opening. Situated on the Thames, it carries 800 people on each rotation. It enjoyed the title for six long years until the Star of Nanchang opened.

2. The Star of Nanchang, Nanchang, China
Height: 525 feet

Star of Nanchang

Opened in 2006, it grabbed the title of World’s tallest Ferris Wheel from London Eye with a good difference of 83 feet. Adorned with innumerous fluorescent lights, it had 60 AC pods that gave breathtaking city views to the visitors. It held to the title for a short span of two years when Singapore Flyer took the lead.

3. Singapore Flyer, Singapore
Height: 541 feet

Singapore Flyer

With a mere difference of 16 feet from the then world record holder, Star of Nanchang, Singapore Flyer unveiled in 2008. The mantel has 28 enclosed AC capsules attached to the outer edge of the structure. Besides panoramic views of Singapore’s skyline, the Flyer gives breathtaking views of the neighbors, Malaysia and Indonesia too. It is one of the major pulls for tourists to Singapore attracting an estimated 10 million annual visitors.

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4. The High Roller, Las Vegas
Proposed height: 550 feet

Illustration of the High Roller

It’s been 5 years to the long standing Singapore Flyer which is soon going to be overtaken by the High Roller of Las Vegas. Set to start its spin next year, High Roller will be the Tallest Ferris Wheel by a slight difference of 9 feet from the Singapore Flyer. It will adorn 1500 LED sparkling lights and 28 futuristic pods having LCD screens. We’ll soon have another reason to travel to the Sin City other than gambling and a perfect place to sit-n-sip a cocktail.

5. New York Wheel, Staten Island, N.Y.
Proposed height: 625 feet

New York Wheel

High Roller has not yet started its spin but its label life has sure been fixed, thanks to the ongoing New York Wheel project. New York gears to launch its own monster wheel where Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced plans for a 625-foot high ride on the waterfront. Overlooking the Statue of Liberty and the downtown Manhattan skyline, New York Wheel will be the tallest Ferris wheel by a long shot 75 feet height. Set to open in 2015, it is likely going to be the major tourist attraction carrying 1440 passengers at a time. The site will also have a massive shopping complex and a huge 200-room hotel.

6. Dubai Eye, Dubai, UAE
Proposed height: 689 feet

Dubai Eye

The world was was declaring their world highest wheels and Dubai dint have it. Boom! This year in February, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashin Al Maktoum announced approved plans to build a new Ferris wheel in Dubai. He further declared… guess what?ave always seen UAE with awe. World’s tallest building, tallest hotel, biggest man-made island, largest indoor theme park, biggest water-fun park; it’s like… tell me what you DON’T have!

Approved Model of Dubai Eye
Approved Model of Dubai Eye

Oh. That… it would reach higher than any other wheel –even those in the planning stages. Planned to be completed in 2015, Dubai Eye is expected to leave behind the designs of High Roller in Las Vegas and New York Wheel in Staten Island –both the ‘would be’ World’s highest wheels when built. Expected to attract more than 3 million visitors annually, Dubai Eye will be built right on the water and give visitors a bird’s eye view of the majestic metropolis including Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah.

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Rising chart of Ferris Wheels| Source: The Washington Post

There are more Ferris wheel projects in the planning stages, including one in Japan and another in Changzhou, China with a unique spoke less design. Yet, none of them threaten the plans of Dubai.

Let’s get ourselves in motion, before new cities are upstaged to pull our attention.

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