World’s Best Secret Islands

For those looking forward to laze around on white sandy beaches, take in the salty breeze, satisfy their palate with freshly caught seafood and no crowds to spoil the fun – a secret island vacation is a must. There is nothing more romantic than being marooned on an unspoilt atoll with your beloved and making memories for years to come. Here is a list of the world’s best secret islands that will make you lose your senses in these hidden tropical paradises.

Yaeyama Islands, Japan

Tucked away in the southern side of the Japanese archipelago, the majestic Yaeyama Islands are among the best secret islands of the world and serve dollops of sun, sand, sea and sushi to visitors. Embark on a Japan holiday tour to visit these isles brimming with luscious shores, mangrove swamps, lush mountains and swanky resorts. Among these cluster of islands, Ishigaki features the most beautiful beaches, Taketomi is known for its traditional and magnificent Ryukyuan houses and Iriomote is a jungle area with an open-air hot spring. What’s more, Yonaguni houses enigmatic stone structures submerged under water.

Ulleungdo, South Korea

Nestled between South Korea and Japan, the tiny Ulleungdo is an appealing Island. This rugged volcanic isle is less crowded, pollution-free and has no scary animals to spoil the vacation. In other words, Ulleungdo is a perfect getaway destination. A number of ferries run daily from the mainland to the island at Dodong-ri, where the trails climb to the rocky summit of Seonginbong Peak. Opt for South Korea holidays and pay a visit to this exotic treasure, hidden in the Asian continent.

San Blás Archipelago, Panama

Boasting of coral cays, San Blás is sure to allure those who wish to explore the marvellous corals of the world. Administered by the Kuna people as an autonomous province, the San Blás Archipelago is a collection of 365 tiny islands that lay in the waters of the southern Caribbean. A Panama holiday tour promises experiences like delightful meals cooked from the catch brought home by the fishermen each evening and dancing to the beats of the local music. The beauty and tranquility of these virgin islands will surely make you stay longer.

Penghu Islands, Taiwan

Penghu is a collection of 90 islands that are most famed for their glorious scenery and touching nostalgia. Considered a part of Taiwan, the archipelago speaks abundantly about the unspoiled traditional Taiwanese culture. Off the capital of Makung, these isles feature ox-carts, fish-traps, stone-walled fields, basalt cliffs and ancient temples that are dedicated to Matsu, the sea goddess. If bright sun and white sandy beaches fascinate you, then a Taiwan holiday trip will make your dreams come true.

Con Dao Islands, Vietnam

The Con Dao Islands were most known for the notorious penal colony in Indo-china. Now, the place has been preserved as Con Dao National Park and is a combination of 16 islands. These wonderlands boast of lush jungles, jade-coloured waters and white sandy beaches. As you pay a visit to these islands on your Vietnam holiday, witness dugongs, dolphins, turtles and the spectacular coral reefs. The moments spent in this mesmerising landscape will be priceless.

Bay Islands & Hog Islands, Central America

A visit to the Bay Islands & Hog Islands on your Honduras adventure trip will surely remind you of the famous Hollywood series the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. The sand-dusted islands that lay a short distance away from coast of Honduras are the real deal islands. The islands of Roatán, Utila and Guanaja were home to cutthroats, brigands and buccaneers. These isles are better known for the pristine beaches, diving activities and laid-back tropical vibes.

So what are you waiting for? Get your swimming trunks out and head out to these secret gems that will leave you asking for more.

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