05 Uniquely Coloured Beaches on our Wonderful Earth

I just love to feel the sand between my toes and water gushing to and from my feet. I know you all love it too. Well, anyone who has a taste of life surely does. 😛 So let me introduce you to the most uniquely coloured sand beaches around the world. And you can choose where you would like to go next to sunbathe in different coloured sand, make coloured sand castles, get that perfect tan, just play around or what we all need today- just laze around without doing anything.

Relax! Don’t you feel you need this break?

Do anything, or nothing, you are going to love it if you are a beach lover.

1. Hyams Beach

Let’s start with the most pristine colour of the whole world- white. Jervis Bay on South Coast of New South Wales hosts incredibly amazing beach- Hyams Beach. The beach is well known for its whitest, softest, finest sand and most clear blue water. So much so, that it has even been mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records for having the whitest sand in the world.

Whitest Sand at Hyams Beach

So while you go there to soak yourself in the white environs, don’t forget to wear your goggles to avoid being blinded by white!

Picture Courtesy: NSW Tourism

2. Punalu’u Beach, Oahu

After saying white, what comes as immediate next? Yes. It’s BLACK! So Hawaii, the world famed exotic destination raises its hand high for hosting a BLACK SANDED BEACH! Quite near to the North shore of Oahu, is the Black Sand or Punalu’u Beach that has perfectly black sand all over. With various camping-n-picnic facilities, gentle waves that are fun to swim, this is a unique place to visit.

Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, Oahu

This stunning black sand is actually a volcanic rock, deposited as lava and subsequently cooled by the ocean. But you can’t take the black sand home as it is believed to result in you being cursed by a volcano goddess named Pele.

Blackest Sand at Punalu’u Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

3. Papakolea Beach

Again Hawaii! I guess Hawaii was made on earth to give us all the unique travel experiences! A pure black sand beach earlier and now a green sand beach! Woo!

Papakolea Green Sand Beach, Hawaii

Also called as Pu’u-o-Mahana, Papakolea Beach has olive-like color of the sand that comes from the presence of a greenish, semi-precious stone named olivine. The erosive force of the ocean extracted innumerous olivines out of the cinder. Subsequently deposited on the sand, it results in giving sand that unique green tint. So start packing your bags, you green lovers!

Sparkling Olivine Granules| Photo Credits: Frimmbits

4. Pfeiffer Beach

Catch California at its unspoiled best. If you like places that are secluded, hard to find, and are kind of unusual, you are going to love Pfeiffer Beach at Big Sur, California!

Beautiful Sunset at Pfeiffer Beach| Image: John Dickson

Beautiful offshore views of rocks and sea stacks with some nice surfing waves, the beach has unusual purple sand, from manganese garnet particles washing down the hillside. The more you head north, the more purple it becomes. The entire stretch of sand is a shifting pink and purple canvas. If you visit the place after winter storms, you are likely to see more of purple.

Pfeiffer Purple Beach, California

5. Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach

Are you the type who takes adventures too seriously? You think there is a feeling of accomplishment and a unique fun to reach where others can not? Yes? Then head to Kaihalulu, the Red Sand Beach in Maui at none other than Hawaii. I think I am going to be a lifetime Hawaiian fan! It just does not end with its surprises!

Red Sand Beach, Maui

It’s a dramatic and beautiful hidden cove unlike any other. The surreal ocean outside the cove is almost always deep blue, and rages relentlessly against the rugged dramatic coastline. No beach in the world has sand as red as here.

Rarest Beach of Red Sand, Maui, Hawaii

Note: Well! I know it seems that i have been generously partial to Hawaii but what do i do if it has grabbed a handful of rare wonders that deserve to be mentioned!

Hey if you all know about any other unusually coloured beach, i heartily welcome its mention in the comments box below. Cya soon with some other wonder.

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