Most Unique Resorts to Stay

Done with the usual most popular tourist destinations being Singapore, Thailand, Europe, Australia? Do you want something more unique, out-of-the-box and… unusual? A big ‘YESS’ is most likely the answer if you are like me.

I had a tough but really intriguing time to find some most unusual places to choose for your next vacation. So, here you go:

1. Kakslauttanen Hotel, Finland

If you love snow, peace, solitude and absolute privacy, this is THE PLACE for you to be with your beloved. Glass and snow igloos surrounded by astounding scenery where you can also see the Northern Lights in the comfort of your cozy bed. These igloos are first- class cabins of thermal glass that keep the rooms warm even in the chilly winters. It has the world’s largest smoke sauna and snow restaurant. Igloo Village is open every year from December/January until April end.

2. Sala Silvermine, Sweden

Have you ever wanted to go underground where no one can find you and meanwhile you can relax and unwind and enjoy luxurious stay? You can have this wish fulfilled in a very unique way at Sala Silvermine at Sweden. 155 metres under the sea level lies the world’s best preserved mine that has luxurious suites. This underground cold, dark setting is quite sensational and very beautiful.

3. The Boot, Bed & Breakfast

Are you the one who dreams about living the romantic fairytale? At The Boot, you can make it real. The Boot is a unique luxury retreat that offers peace and privacy for couples on holiday or for romantic weekends. Nestled within hazelnut trees, the Boot opens to a private courtyard in a fragrant garden. Luxuriate inside the beautiful setting of your private house. Relax on sunny afternoons, spend lazy evenings dining beside the fire and enjoy each other’s company.

4. 727 Fuselage Home, Costa Verde, Costa Rica

Located in the exotic tropics of Costa Rica, Costa Verde has transported and refurbished an old Vintage Boeing 727 airframe and turned it into a fantastic two bedroom suite called 727 Fuselage Home. Right from the cockpit to the tail, all the furnishings are hand carved in Costa Rican teak. Host to two bedrooms, private bathrooms, TV, kitchenette, a dining area foyer, ocean view terrace, private entrance up a river rock and gardens everywhere in sight, its one helluva unique place to stay!

 5. Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile

Initially, it was a place for friends to stay while on their hunt in Hulio Hulio Reserve. It is believed that the mountain has magical powers and grants wishes thus named, Magical Mountain. For those who like a tinge of adventure in their trips plus something unusual, it will be a good choice with the entrance of rope bridge, hobbit paths right out of fairytales and a beautiful waterfall cascading from the top of the roof.

6. Jumbo Stay, Sweden

One of the world’s most unique stays and probably the first choice for all pilots! Spend a night onboard a real jumbo jet – on the ground! Take your pick from the various room categories. Well, best one is the cockpit suite giving panoramic view of the airport. The former Jumbo Jet, dating from around 1976, now converted to provide overnight accommodation is sure to provide a unique and out standing experience.

7. Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

You liked Mowgli? He used to swing on trees in lush green forests. Come today and we modernise those strings to spherical luxurious tree houses. A stay on these pendants from the tree tops is surely going to be unique. The way towards the private sphere houses are spiral staircases around the tree trunk. Sway gently with the winds and unwind yourself with the nature.

8. Palacio de Sal Hotel, Bolivia

You can also call it weird when you know about it, but you’ll also say WOW when you go inside it! A palace of salt! Yes. The Palacio de Sal Hotel is completely constructed from salt from its walls, floor, and ceiling right to its furniture are all made of the white stuff. It has 16 rooms with private bath, solarium, central heating and electricity in every room. Enjoy a unique stay!

9. Spitbank Fort, Hampshire

Perfect for history lovers! Situated in the Solent, Spitbank Fort, a former home to soldiers guarding the approaches to Portsmouth is now an exclusive venue and luxury hotel. The fortress offers nine beautiful bedrooms, three bars, hot pool, sauna and three restaurants. Today, it does not have any feel of arms and ammunition that it was previously home to. Rather, it is a great unusual place to spend vacation.

10. Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho

Renowned as World’s Biggest Beagle, it is probably the best pick for all dog lovers on their trip to Idaho. Enter the body of the beagle from a private 2nd story deck. It is a two bedroom bed n breakfast inn that offers dog shaped biscuits when you enter your room! Get to the head of the dog for a loft room and sleep in his muzzle. His name is Sweet Willy while the younger one standing right next to him is Toby.

So which of the places are your pick? Set off now and soon i’ll be back with some more exciting options for you.

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