Beaches… out of your Fantasy Land!

Out of nowhere, today I am missing those days when I was crazy about collecting shells from the beach. I would wait for the tides to come and leave some shells on the sand. Back in those days, what I wanted became a dream and dreams were a fantasy to come true someday. Today while picturing those days, it suddenly crossed my mind that maybe there exists some place which is full of shells? Where my hands and pockets would be filled with shells and still I’d have millions to choose from! So I decided to surf about it and Voila! I did found such place… well, PLACES!

The dead shells of marine mollusks often wash up on the shores. On certain beaches, however, there is a huge accumulation of seashells washed up. We know of the beaches that have sand, gravel and pebbles but there are a rare few beaches that are entirely composed of seashells. Here are best four of these rare beaches of the world.

Beautiful Shells on the Beach
1. Shells Beach, Western Australia

Located near Denham in Shark Bay region of Western Australia, this incredibly beautiful beach having millions of white tiny shells stretches for about 200 kms and these infinite shells go about 10-15 meters deep! Shells are being washed away and collected here for thousands of years which have now covered the whole beach entirely. The sea floor stretching for hundreds of yards from the shoreline is also all covered with shells. It’s a unique sight to see for wherever you see the land is bedded with white shells.

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Shells Beach, Western Australia
2. Sanibel Island, Florida, USA

One of the best Shell Beaches in the world, it attracts visitors from all over the world. It’s a unique pull for people world-over to walk over the shells besides the sparkling water. An unexplainably wonderful sight is to see how the shells tumble over one another in the waves and create a calm chime. Area is still kept low-developed but great restaurants and shell- selling shops make it an all-packed getaway.

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Shells Beach, Sanibel Island, Florida
3. Shell Beach, St. Barts, Caribbean

So do you walk on the beaches searching for some exquisite seashells? Well, such walk would be quite rewarding at Shell Beach, near Gustavia on Carribean Island of St. Barts. It is also known as Grande Galet, and is the most popular beach of the island. Witness bounty of shells and conchs washed up over the coastline. Strong currents of water and odd hurricanes have driven this bevy of unique shells over the white sands of the beach. Along with the tides, the shoreline keeps changing and evolving with different shells and conchs.

Among the waves & Shells, St. Barts, Caribbean Islands
4. Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

Jeffrey’s Bay is famous for abundant seashells and great seafood. The Shell Museum in the town has one of the largest shell collections in South Africa and thus it’s a great attraction for all shell fanatics. Jeffrey’s Bay is a popular tourist destination for its excellent surfing opportunities. It is one of the five most famous surfing destinations in the world! So if you are an adventurist, you know where to head!

Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

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