Here’s what you should do in Goa

Over the past few decades, Goa has changed vastly and earned a reputation beyond the hippie retreat. While North Goa has been transformed into a vibrant holiday destination, South Goa remains sleepy. But what it lacks in oomph, makes up in scenic beauty. Wherever you wish to stay in this beach getaway, here are a few things that you must do to make your trip to Goa monumental.

Stroll down the Calangute Beach

There is no doubt that Goa is the most romantic beach town with the most idyllic ambiance in the country. And when you are at a place of such distinction, you must revel in the romantic charm, whether you are a couple or just single. Walking along the coast of Calangute, the most dreamy beach, is a must do in Goa. After a long walk, find a nice cafe with a good sunbed and laze around.

Indulge in water sports

It doesn’t matter if you are in North or South Goa. As long as you are in Goa, you are bound to try the water sports. Parasailing, water jet skiing, wind sailing, water jetting or any other, just pick your fondness, forget everything else and enjoy like a 10-year-old.

Seek under the surface adventure

The underwater world in Goa is just as beautiful as the one outside, although not as much boldly coloured. But the beautiful coral reefs and numerous fish schools are sure to make your day as you dive into the sea. Every beachside area in Goa is brimming with diving tour operators that provide scuba diving and snorkelling services. The best place to scuba dive around is the Grande Island, located about 45 kms from the Calangute beach.

Watch the sunset from Fort Aguada

Located just about 18-km from Panjim, this spectacular fort overlooks the equally stunning Arabian Sea as well as the Mandovi River. Fort Aguada was built by the Portuguese to protect their state against enemies. Stay here until evening and marvel at the incredibly coloured sky as the sun slips behind the horizon.

Mark a Wednesday for Anjuna Flea Market

The flea market started out as a “hippie exchange” as it was called back in the ’60s, when hippies used to barter their stuff in exchange for money to support their stay in Goa. Today, it is the place to buy anything and everything you can think of. Every Wednesday, vendors and gypsies from around the country gather here with an ample range of products and souvenirs.

Hang out at the Curlie’s

This peachy spot near the Flea Market at Montero Waddo, Anjuna is the best place to discover your late-night indulgence. The nightlife here is really vibrant as the shack opens till the wee hours. Don’t forget to dig into the delicious bread egg sandwich, which makes one wonder if the taste is so mellow because it is served at around 2am.
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Take a boat ride

Lying back, basking in the sun and doing absolutely nothing is what a vacation is all about. No arguments there, but you must try all that on a boat as well. A beach holiday should not confine you to the beach. Whether on a large cruise ship or a small paddle boat, revel in a smooth sail off the coast of South Goa.

An expedition to the Cabo Rama Fort

Take a trip to this very old fort in the Canacona district. Legend has it that Lord Rama once stayed here during his exile from Ayodhya, hence the name. Most of the collapsed structure and canons that stand today has been built by the Portuguese. The serene white church is a beautiful sight and the view towards the ocean from the top of the fort is breathtaking.

Get a Balinese massage in Goa

A beach vacation is never complete without a soothing, rejuvenating massage. And in Goa, you get a relaxing Balinese massage. On the main road between Candolim and Calangute lie a few spas offering excellent massages that really loosen up those tightened muscles, while helping you unwind yourself.

Go on a dolphin sighting tour

Not many know that Goa is a great place to spot dolphins in their natural habitat and a couple of services offer dolphin sighting tours. The tours are organised early in the morning and you are assisted far from the coast, amidst the emerald water in the middle of nowhere to watch the adorable Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins, frolicking in and out of the sea.

Now that you know what to do, book a Goa vacation package and make the most of your time.

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