Small Wonder Singapore!

Singapore- diversity can’t get any wider. I have travelled almost all of South East Asia now and I can assure that Singapore is simply the best destination in South East Asia. It is one of the fastest developed nations in the world. Singapore is home to people from different origins, races and cultures but you can’t really make out those differences when you see how perfectly they mingle with each other. The way that they wonderfully co-exist with each other can be seen at the time of their festive celebrations. This blend of different cultures, religions, beliefs which are accompanied by a rich heritage that dates far back makes the city more colorful and vibrant.

It’s no less than a wonder that being such a small country, Singapore has SO MUCH to offer! It is always full of visitors and still it manages to be always so fresh and delightful! Singapore is a must see destination which offers great shopping fiestas, lovely city parks, rich flora and fauna which has been wonderfully conserved, amazing blend of different cultures, highly developed fast forward lifestyle, rich cultural and architectural legacy, lip licking cuisines, its totally a mesmerizing country which will surely make you fall in love with it.

You don’t need to burn your pockets and freeze your butt to travel to London or New York for a week long party. Rather visit this cosmo-fiesta and virtual fairyland lit up with million lights. If you are a hard core luxury brand shopper, Orchard Road will be a feast! Get Louis Vuitton, Chanel or any other couture label under the sun. Splurge on this 7 km glittering stretch with grandeur malls, dazzling lanes with glowing shops. Drop all your shopping bags at your room and get fresh to see the real charms of Singapore.

Whether you are planning a long or a short trip, there is a pack of sightseeing attractions that comes in the must visits one should never miss. People often say that a week is enough for the place but for people like me (read psychos! :P), Singapore may seem like a timeless and limitless country. I was there for about 12 days and while returning, I felt as if I have still loads to discover. Well, for a proper tourist (not a nomad traveller like me), 5-6 days is an apt time to cover the major attractions of the city.

Must Do In Singapore

For all out there planning a trip to Singapore, I am penning down the must visits of Singapore here:

  1. Singapore Flyer: This world’s tallest observation wheel provides breathtaking view of Singapore both in the day and in the night. Amazing views of Singapore River, Marina Bay and other places can be captured from here.
  2. Duck Tour: Singapore provides unique means to enjoy the city. It’s a unique amphibious machine that rightly got its name from a DUCK! After zooming through wide lanes of Singapore, with splashes of cold water, it enters into the water to waddle along Singapore.
  3. Gardens by the Bay: It’s a huge garden with millions of flowers spread across your way. Just 5 minutes from Marina Bay, this lush and incredible garden has three entrances. Enter from Bay South, it houses the world’s largest indoor waterfall and the fabulous ‘Supertrees’.
  4. Jurong Bird Park: It’s like a walk into the rainbow. Unless you visit this place, you would not be able to know how amazingly charming birds can be! The best part is that this park provides birds with free spaces to fly around in some of the world’s largest aviaries.
  5. Singapore Zoo & Night Safari: Singapore Zoo is renowned for its preservation of endangered species in their almost natural habitats. It is a very safe open zoo both for animals and humans. Also go for a Night Safari Tour, the first Safari Park for nocturnal animals. 
  6. Universal Studios: Meet Shrek in ‘Far Far Away Castle’, have endless fun in Madagascar and exciting ‘TRANSFORMERS-The Ride’! Don’t miss the adventures of Jurassic Park Rapids and jump into the thrilling movie magic world at ‘Ride the Movies’ and make the most of your day. 
  7. Sentosa Island: Welcome to Playground of Singapore. Ride on Skyline Luge and go to the charming Butterfly & Insect Park. Walk down the ‘Image of Singapore’ and get spelled by the charms of ‘Songs of the Sea’. All in all, the day is going to be JUST AMAZING!

For the first timers, the experience would be totally mesmerizing. A small wonder is what I would call Singapore. For the ones who have visited it earlier, need no explanations for the beautiful hostile country. I simply fell in love with the place; not for the number of attractions, but because of what the country altogether is. And I promised myself that I would return back some day.

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