Things to do in Switzerland

Switzerland is the dream destination for tourists across the world. Bollywood movies and songs have immortalized this scenic country. It is one of the most preferred honeymoon choices as well. Surrounded by the majestic Alps, Switzerland is picture-perfect from every angle. Lush green valleys dotted with cottages right out of a fairytale welcome you as soon as you set foot here. It is also home to the world-famous Swiss chocolates. This is also the place where brands manufacture high-quality Swiss watches. The country is also rich in history and culture which you can explore.

So, if you are visiting Switzerland during your European sojourn, then here is a list of things you must do.

Visit Lake Geneva

This is a picturesque lake accessed from Montreux in the southwestern part of Switzerland. France and Switzerland share the boundaries of the lake, and it is one of the most beautiful places you can see. Lake Geneva is the largest water body in the country and a must-see for you. The town of Montreux is situated on the shores of the lake, and you can stay here to enjoy breathtaking views. You can travel to Montreux by train from either Zurich or Geneva.

There are myriad activities to take part in in the town and on the lake. You can take a scenic boat cruise on Lake Geneva. Watch the crystal-clear waters of the lake glittering under the sun as you cruise down the lake. You can also choose to relax in Montreux or explore the picturesque woods and vineyards of the town. It is the best place to enjoy the bounties of nature that bless Switzerland. It is also the best place for all your social media photos as each background is perfect.

Experience Serenity at Interlaken

No visit to Switzerland is complete if you do not visit the Interlaken. This is a quaint resort town which is situated on a thin stretch of land between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun. This postcard-perfect town offers adorable wooden Swiss cottages and emerald-green waters of the lakes to the visitors. You can also take part in a variety of watersports on Lake Brienz such as waterboarding and jet skiing.

Interlaken town is also a haven for shoppers. You can find lots of options for buying Swiss chocolates, watches, and other quirky souvenirs. You can also simply walk around the town taking in the views or capturing them in your camera. Browse through the exquisite luxury jewelry and watch boutiques or simply admire the unparalleled beauty of the place. You can also take many excursions from Interlaken to experience the Bernese Oberland to its fullest.

Witness a Winter Wonderland in Jungfraujoch

This UNESCO Natural Heritage Site is another must-do thing when you visit Switzerland. It is the most popular day excursion from Interlaken. Thousands of tourists take the cogwheel train from Interlaken to the top of the majestic Jungfraujoch. The train passes by some of the most magnificent scenery and takes you to the Top of Europe. If you want to see snow, then this is a must-visit place for you. You can also buy a package tour to Jungfraujoch including free access to Ice Palace, Sphinx, Alpine Sensation at Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe, and Plateau.

Snow covers the top of Jungfraujoch all year, and you can see this winter wonderland during your visit. When you reach the top, you can see the glittering Aletsch Glacier spread out below. There are many activities that you can do when you visit Jungfraujoch. These include visits to the Ice Palace, Sphinx, Alpine Sensation, and others. You can also take part in skiing, sledding, and other adrenaline rushing activities to enjoy the crisp white snow. You can also visit the Lindt Swiss Chocolate Heaven, a must for chocolate lovers. You must try out their delectable collection of Swiss chocolates before you head back.

Taste Swiss Cheese

The Swiss are famous for their cheeses, and you must taste the different varieties. You can have the famous fondues, a kind of melted cheese. You must dip pieces of bread into the fondue and eat. This is a delicious experience and you must do this when you are in Switzerland. You can also see the process of making cheese. You can visit a workshop where the experts will show you the art of cheese-making. It is an intricate process with steps to follow carefully.

You can try the cheeses after the demonstration is over. You can taste from several different varieties of cheese. Learn about the origins of Swiss cheese and how it became so popular. Enjoy the taste of the various types and what wines they pair with. The best place to see and learn the art of cheese-making in the quaint town of Gruyeres. If you are not visiting this town in your Switzerland tour, then also you can try Swiss cheese at any of the other places you will visit.

See the process of making Swiss chocolates

There is nothing more exciting than the taste of Swiss chocolates melting in your mouth. It is a sheer symphony of flavors. If you love chocolates, then Switzerland is the best place for you. You can visit the workshop of a local chocolatier at any of the towns that you will visit. You can see the process of making the divine Swiss chocolates. At the end of the process, you can sample some of these.

You can visit the Lindt Swiss Chocolate Heaven at Jungfraujoch and learn about the history of the world-famous brand. Visit some of the world’s oldest chocolate factories in Zurich or simply treat yourself to the melt-in-your-mouth delights found in the shops all over Switzerland. When you are visiting Switzerland, you simply must see the process of chocolate-making. Buy some of these smooth Swiss chocolates for friends and family back home.

Marvel at the Majestic Matterhorn

The mighty Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is situated near the picturesque town of Zermatt. It is at a height of 3,883 meters above the sea level. It is the highest sightseeing point in Switzerland and a must-do for you on your Switzerland trip. Matterhorn is a pace filled with wonderful activities that will keep you occupied throughout your visit. The sightseeing point is accessible by cableway from Zermatt.

The journey takes about forty minutes and you will find yourself in the middle of an ethereal atmosphere. Snow envelopes the Alpine peaks throughout the year and makes it a sight to behold. You can see the majestic Swiss, French, and Italian Alps and spot the various peaks from your viewpoint. You can view a total of thirty-eight peaks in the range. Enjoy the snow spread out all around you before you head back to Zermatt. Remember to take lots of pictures to cherish your memories when you are back home.

Take in the views on the Golden Pass Line

The Golden Pass Line or the Golden Pass Route is the most scenic train route in Switzerland. You can take the train from Montreux to Interlaken via Zweisimmen to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Swiss countryside. It is the world’s first panoramic train and covers the distance between the stations at a leisurely pace. This helps you enjoy the views to your heart’s content. You will pass through beautiful country estates, vineyards, and quaint Swiss villages on your route.

You can either choose to cover the whole journey at a stretch, or you can hop on and hop off at the main stations on the route. Please check the stops and the train timings in the SBB CFF app before you plan your day. The app is especially useful and helps you keep track of train time tables when you are in Switzerland. Keep your camera ready on your train ride as you will want to capture the exquisite scenery that you will see.

Cable Car Ride to Mount Titlis

The cable car ride to Mount Titlis is another must-do activity when you are in Switzerland. You can take a day excursion to Mount Titlis from Interlaken and ride the world’s first rotating cable car. You must take a train to Lucerne from where you will go to Engelberg. From here you will board your cable car to the Stand Station. It is here that you will board the rotating cable car known as the Titlis Rotair to reach the top. It is at a height of 3020 meters above sea level.

This thrilling cable car ride takes approximately half an hour and offers unbelievable panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Once you reach the top, make sure to take lots of pictures of the snow-capped mountain peaks. You must also take the Ice Flyer Chair Lift to glacier park to enjoy the snow. There are plenty of other activities available at Mount Titlis. These include the Glacier Grotto, hiking in the snow, the Titlis Cliff Walk, and skiing. You can also pick up souvenirs from the shops or have a meal at one of the restaurants.

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Skiing in the Swiss Alps

Skiing in the Swiss Alps is a must-do activity when you are visiting Switzerland. The perennially snow-covered Swiss Alps offers an excellent chance for skiing. You can experience the rush of adrenaline by trying your hands at this adventure sport. There are many places where you can ski when you are in Switzerland. You can choose from beginners’ slopes, intermediate slopes, or even advanced slopes for professionals.

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One of the best places where you can try skiing is at Zermatt. The slopes here are perfect for skiing and you can get a great experience during your Swiss sojourn. You can trek your way up the slopes to one of the skiing resorts. Here you can get sign up for a session of skiing lessons followed by taking your chance down the slopes. Whether you are an experienced skier or not, it is going to be an experience to cherish for a lifetime.

Experience the Local Culture

The Swiss people have a rich reserve of history and culture. You must immerse yourself deeply in the local culture to have a truly experiential Swiss vacation. Enjoy the local customs and traditions and take part in the different festivals that happen around the year. The local cuisine is also tasty, and you must try it when you are in Switzerland. Try the local cheeses, visit the local vineyards to taste the locally produced wines. Experience the vibrant art and social life in the cities such as Geneva and Zurich. There are museums and art galleries that you can visit to enrich your knowledge about Swiss history.

There is a vibrant local nightlife in Switzerland that you must explore when you are here. Walk around the cobbled streets of the old towns and marvel at the unique Swiss architecture. There is pulsating energy in the cities and towns of Switzerland that draws you in from the moment you arrive. The best way to get a taste of the local culture is to explore the towns on foot. Visit the local boutiques that sell traditional crafts as souvenirs and learn more about the local culture as you shop.

Make the most of your Swiss Sojourn

The picture-perfect surroundings, turquoise blue lakes, snow-covered mountains, and delicious cheeses and chocolates make up the essence of Switzerland. If you are visiting this splendid nation during your European vacation, then you must take part in the activities mentioned above. These activities ensure that you have the quintessential Swiss holiday that you have always dreamed of. You can look out at the panoramic views of the Swiss Alps glittering with snow, or ski down its slopes. You can also experience the local culture or taste the silky-smooth Swiss chocolates at one of the towns. Or, you can simply relax in the lap of nature as you soak in the fresh Alpine air and the gorgeous natural beauty of Switzerland. Get planning for your sensational Swiss vacation.

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