Trip to Switzerland

The unsurpassed natural beauty of Switzerland has been appreciated time and again not just by globetrotters, but also poets, painters and writers. It has such enchanting beauty that many have been inspired to create masterpieces in their respective fields. The entire country is a breathtaking scenic splendour, rather than just a few places. Here is a subtle guide so that you get to explore its most amazing areas.

Lake Geneva

The largest lake in the country, Lake Geneva lies on the course of Rhone River, shared between Switzerland and France. At the southwestern tip of the lake, Geneva is settled with its flashy city lights and crowded streets that were once considered an inspiration for philosophers. Despite the city rush, you are sure to find serenity by the lake and get awed by the vista of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe. If you go halfway around the lake, you will be captivated by the lively vibe of Lausanne, a small town brimming with young people. It is the skateboarding capital of Europe and even if you don’t dare to try the sport, watch pros pulling stunts you can’t even imagine. Further east is the bewitching Château de Chillon, which enthralled many Romantic poets including Byron. A train ride by the northern shore of the lake offers breathtaking views, but to experience the grandeur of this fabulous lake include a boat ride in your Switzerland holiday package.

Aletsch Glacier

While there are many glaciers around the Swiss Alps, Aletsch Glacier stands out with its large size and immense scenic beauty. The longest glacier in the Alps, it measures more than 22-km in length. It has been enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and you can reach here easily via a cable car from either Fiesch or Betten on your during your holidays in Switzerland.


Among all the mountains in the world, Matterhorn is the one that can be recognised easily because of its soaring height and slightly tilted peak. Against the backdrop of this mountain with a mystical appeal, Zermatt, an equally picturesque town welcomes people to revel in its splendour. Take adventure up another level and go night skiing. When the moonlight descends on Matterhorn, marvel at the night views.


This is the place to get your adrenaline rushing. Whether or not you are a sports junkie, a Switzerland tour is incomplete without visiting Interlaken. Strap on your skiing shoes, bungee jumping gear or rent a raft while you are in town. Paragliding offers the perk of reveling in the gorgeous surroundings.

Rhine Falls

The awe-inspiring beauty of Rhine Falls takes your breath away. When you witness it up close, you are left spellbound by the roaring sound and splendid sight of the waterfall. It is Europe’s largest waterfall in plain area, replete with captivating charm that can be experienced at different levels by distinct viewing platforms and boat rides. And if you book your Switzerland vacation tour package around August 01 (Swiss National Day), you will get to feast your eyes on the amazing spectacle of fireworks above the falls.

While there is so much to do and see in Switzerland, there are a few things that you must experience like skiing in the Alps, melt-in-the-mouth chocolates, flashy watches, best-ever cheese and wilderness hikes. And instead of taking a taxi, get a Euro rail pass and board a train running through the scenic surroundings. Better yet, hike the mountains and discover the grandeur of nature at every step.

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