Bangkok: Top things you must do (Part 1)

So your neighbour has just returned from her Bangkok trip and has endless tales of usual boring stuff? Unfortunately, it has become the norm for most travellers visiting Bangkok — they only get to experience what is touted the most. On the contrary, Bangkok is a place where every turn is an opportunity.

Here is a list of things to make your vacation in Bangkok truly worthwhile.

1) Floating market

This is a market where you hop in a rowboat instead of walking down the street. The market offers an exclusive lineup of souvenirs, fashion accessories, spices, fresh produce, toys and more. To satiate those hunger pangs, there are food vendors that offer scrumptious snacks from the boats. Even if you don’t purchase anything, the spectacle in itself is astounding — you definitely don’t get to see anything this interesting back home.

2) Visit the temples


Whether it’s the spectacular reclining Buddha (Wat Pho) or the intriguing one where monks raise tigers (Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi), you will love the peaceful vibes, serenity, colours and intricate craftsmanship that all temples in Bangkok are adorned with.

3) Go shopping

Given the myriad options, ranging from dirt-cheap products to extravagant indulgence, shopping is essential in Bangkok. There are umpteen shopping malls, marketplaces and streets that offer everything you need or don’t need, but buy it anyway because it’s available here at such unbelievable price! Siam Square, Paragon, MBK and Siam Discovery are some good options.

4) Catch the Alcazar Show


A life-time experience, the Alcazar show in Bangkok is a combination of groovy music, dance performance and a lot of sequins. Despite the sparkling costumes and glossy make up, the spectacle enthralls you. The performers that impress you with their looks and dancing skills are actually transvestites!

5) Watch the elephant shows

Elephants are considered sacred in Thailand and are habilitated in various farms and enclaves. Most caretakers raise funds to support elephants by training them to do various tricks for spectators. So expect to watch these intelligent creatures hula hooping, kicking football into a goal, shooting hoops and even painting stunning pictures with water colours.
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6) Stroll down the Pak Khlong Talat (Flower Market)

What’s so special about a flower market? You must be wondering. So come to Bangkok and find it for yourself. Walk down the fascinating aisles lined with a variety of flowers in different colours. For as far as you can see, the whimsical vista of millions of flowers in various shades and shapes captivate you.

7) Buy fakes at Khao San Road

Well, this is your chance at owing the best brands in the world. Definitely a replica, but it will be enough to strike up a conversation. This street is renowned amongst backpackers and is a great place to buy a variety of imitation products.

8) Catch all the action live

Go for an action-packed evening at a Muay Thai boxing ring and watch participants going at each other right in front of you. The traditional Muay Thai is a serious boxing sport in Thailand and boxers train for years.

9) Visit Sukhumvit Soi 11

This street in the downtown is a hub for nightlife for both tourists and locals to indulge in an after-dark entertainment. From cosy watering holes to large flashy clubs, there are plenty of options for expats to enjoy the lively night scene of Bangkok.

10) Tour the Chinatown

While Chinatowns are practically everywhere in the world, this is known to be the biggest. A great shopping destination during the day, this part of the city is transformed into a culinary heaven at night. Savour the toothsome delights that street food vendors have to offer here. You will find succulent snacks from both Chinese and Thai cuisine at unbeatable prices.

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