Top International Honeymoon Destinations from India

A romantic escape is most necessary for the newlywed couple to relieve stress that comes from busy wedding planning and to give tranquility and romance in your life. Most of newly married Indian couples want to explore the destinations they have never been or destinations where they can a week in total relaxations and luxury. While other wants little more adventure activities to make their honeymoon lifetime unforgettable.

International Honeymoon Destinations


Honeymoon In Mauritius

Mauritius is a beautiful island lies in the Indian Ocean. The island is the best destination for a romantic and honeymoon vacation. Offers many activities to enjoy. Relaxing on sandy beaches, sunbath, water surfing, etc. Its luxury accommodation, virgin forests and volcanic mountains makes the island as one of the popular honeymoon destination in the world.

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Honeymoon in Bali

Bali is a wonderful island in Indonesia and perfect honeymoon place for newlyweds. Last couple of decades Bali is famous honeymoon hubs for many Indian couple because of its romantic atmosphere and luxury accommodation. Experience and enjoy the rich culture, sun kissing beaches, dining, cuisine and jewels of Bali.

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Honeymoon in Maldives


Maldives is the only nation in the world whose most of areas approx 90% covered by sea. It’s 90 stunning islands and 200 inhabited islands make world no.3 honeymoon destinations, every year, thousands of just married couple comes here to spend their vacations. The honeymooners thinks that Maldives is the perfect place to start their life together because of its palm trees, sandy beaches, turquoise reefs, deep blue seas, private islands and privacy.

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Honeymoon in Switzerland

Switzerland known as the finest treasures of Europe and Many Bollywood producers like Yash Chopra made popular honeymoon spot among Indian couples. You may see its snow-clad mountains, the ski slopes and vibrant colors of flora in filmy and asking questions yourself is it really natural or animated! I’m saying its really, you may think I’m joking with you… Once visit you know it. Your married life will remain incomplete without visiting Switzerland.

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New Zealand

Honeymoon In New Zealand
New Zealand

For couples who want adventure activities to make honeymoon unforgettable, New Zealand is perfect destinations. Though the nation has many places, but Queenstown is a finest place to start. If you want to share the untouched beauty while walking with loved then Tongariro National Park is perfect. The park is made in such a way that you and your spouse can enjoy many activities easily like hiking, camp, fishing, rock climbing, hunt, mountain bike and skiing etc.

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