A Guide to Eating out in Singapore

Food in Singapore
Food In Singapore – Simply Divine !

Singapore’s food scene is supreme – no wonder it is now known to be a foodie’s paradise! From hawkers to the uppity gourmet experiences, food in Singapore will delight your taste buds like nowhere else in the world. The rich multicultural heritage of Singapore reflects the most on the variety of cuisines that are served nationwide. Highly influenced by Malay, Chinese and Southern Indian delicacies, Singapore’s local cuisine is worth devouring on.

Food in Singapore

Known as the food capital of Asia, Singapore’s food scene is absolutely transcendent for any foodie. With majority of the population busy with their work lives, eating out is a major necessity. Thank heavens for the exquisite and distinct food experiences laid down for everyone. So, get ready to enjoy the gastronomical pleasure that this eternal summer island offers to one and all –

Food in Singapore – The Italian Cuisine Extravaganza

Fratini La Trattoria Good food is the foremost thing that I research about before every trip that AY and I take! While planning our trip to Singapore, many of our friends highly recommended the unparalleled dining experience at Fratini La Trattoria. It was only mandatory to have a meal here. Like smart foodies, we made a lunch reservation well in advance! We were quite surprised to know that there is no set menu to choose from, they cook based on whatever is freshly available in the market. Our server asked us for about our food preferences and allergies, if any. The whole vibe of the place and the courteous service had already won my heart and then arrived the food! A piping hot, sizable amount of rich pasta served in a pan and a thin crust, melt-in-the mouth kinda pizza. The food looked just so perfect and tasted a million times better. We were completely knocked out by the main course only to be amazed even more by the dessert! A tiramisu and pana cotta later, we were completely enchanted by the marvelous food experience. Visit, if you want to be blown away with the most authentic Italian delicacies!

Etna – While walking around in Chinatown on a leisurely day during our vacation, we found Etna at Duxton Road. The courteous staff helped us choose from the restaurant’s specialties. Devouring on the delectable bruschetta and ravioli, we started our gastronomical experience, transcending to the rich main course and then ending it with a tiramisu. The beverage variety spoilt us for choice too! The attentive service and friendly staff adds to the already amazing experience that Etna is. A must visit restaurant if you are seeking for a great and reasonable Italian meal!

The Best Asian Cuisine options

Summer Pavilion – Sitting pretty in Ritz Carton, Summer Pavilion with its understated décor and warm lighting hits you with elegance. The servers and the staff make you feel welcome and are attentive in a very non intrusive way. The tables have been well spaced out which lets you enjoy an intimate meal experience. AY had booked a table here for us on my birthday! The exquisite mix of delicacies on the menu resonated perfectly with our taste buds. We were completely swept off our feet with delectable and very well presented food. Only when we thought that we had a brilliant meal, came the delicious mango pudding! Upon knowing that it was my birthday, we even got a complimentary cake from the staff. The food, service and the immaculate décor stole my heart! Hands down, the most brilliant place to dine at if you are seeking the best Chinese cuisine in Singapore.

Tamarind Hill – Walking through the wild rainforest of a Nature reserve, you land at Tamarind Hill, a beautifully restored colonial bungalow. The old world charm and the contemporary restored look of this restaurant give this fine dining restaurant an edge over many. The exquisite details lie in the long chandeliers, the candle lit rustic lamps and the exquisite bar serving great cocktails. The Thai food here is flavorsome and transports you to a world of gastronomical pleasures! This place and the staff know how to show a good time to people coming in!

The Halia at Botanic Gardens – The Halia is a big dining environment decorated by planted foliage nestled beautifully in the Ginger Garden at Botanic Gardens. Serving a unique combination of European traditional food and Asian delicacies, the food experience at Halia is unique! I went gung-ho about the drink called Herbalicious Halia here and every dish recommended by the chef – a must try for anybody visiting Singapore!

Spize – Looking for cheap and awesome eateries? Spize is your answer! Spize is a terrific pocket friendly restaurant that specializes in cuisines like Malay, Singaporean, Thai and South Indian. They do not take any reservations, so, be prepared to line-up. This place is always packed and we were soon to discover why. Savoring on the Malaysian pratas (stuffed and fried flatbread), sambal curry, chicken curry and their fresh fruit juices – yum, yum, yummy! The portion size and the cost of everything will stun you to no extent. Go here if you are looking for cheap eats at wee hours!

Food in Singapore

Best cafes to hangout

My Awesome Café – We found AWESOME! No, really, we found this amazing café at Telok Ayer Street with a very befitting name – My Awesome Café! This super cool café cum bar serves some of the best food and drinks in the city. The food options will spoil you and the freshness and the authenticity of the food will entice you! AY and I absolutely loved the freshly bakes bread options here. A must visit, if you are awesome and you know it! 😉

Nasim Hill Bakery Bistro – Want to stop for a quick coffee or a leisurely brunch? This place hits all the right chords and how! Nestled near the Tanglin Post Office, this pet friendly café has a wide range of food to choose from. The crowd is mostly young and vibrant! We loved our laid back brunch here on a Saturday!

Toby’s Estate – How could anyone resist the absolutely brilliant roasted coffee at the Toby’s Estate? We had the most brilliant coffee in whole of Singapore along with this café’s specialty – the Eggs Benedict and the fries that are smeared with a smokey sauce and garlic. So good!

For the one’s looking for some perfect cocktails

The Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel – There wasn’t a way that we were going to miss having the famous Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel! So, AY and I, after a luscious dinner, hopped to try some of the magic potion. This gin based pretty looking cocktail that was created by a Bartender at the Long Bar in this hotel. As a movie buff and an awed literature student, I’ve always had this thing with knowing where all the writers and the actors stayed. Raffles Hotel has had an illustrious list of guests including Elizabeth Taylor, Charlie Chaplin, Joseph Conrad and Rudyard Kipling. Sitting there sipping my drink, I was trying to picture what these icons did at Raffles – Did they sip the Singapore Sling too?! Ah! Guess, that’ll always be unknown!

Ce La Vi Sky Bar, Marina Bay Sands – Fancy a perfect moment with your beloved? Head straight to Ce La Vi Sky Bar st Singapore’s landmark hotel, Marina Bay Sands. Ce La Vi is the perfect place to enjoy the city’s gorgeous panoramic views with a fabulous drink to sip on. Their finger food options go really well with the variety of drinks offered. Absolutely no chance to miss out on this one!

Singapore is one of the very few destinations in the world that cater to one and all. So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip to this sunny island and indulge in the best food scene in Asia along with some ultimate sightseeing options!

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