India’s Far Less Travelled Cities

All of us have heard of and read about the popular destinations that everyone travels to. And, while we visit these places, the crowds overwhelm us. So, this year plan your vacations to the most amazing offbeat holiday destinations and save yourselves from being a part of a crowd. Relax and soak in the tranquility and exquisiteness of these destinations.

Kerala – Devikulam – Perched in the mountainous region close to the Kerala and Tamil Nadu border, Devikulam overwhelms you with beautiful views. With the cool weather and gorgeous rolling tea gardens, this small town is a breath of fresh air. Devikulam has a religious significance too – it is believed that Goddess Sita, once bathed in the pristine Devikulam Lake. The water of this lake is known for its healing powers due to the rich minerals present in it. This town is exotic and fairly untouched – do not wait anymore, book your tickets now!

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Offbeat Kerala - Devikulam

Himachal Pradesh – Malana Village & Khajjiar

Malana Village boasts of a set of orthodox villagers who claim to be the descendants of Alexander, The Great! It takes around 3 hours of trek to reach this captivating nature’s wonder. It’s feral and sublimity will transfer you to some place heavenly. The strangest bit is that no one apart from the villagers is allowed to touch anything or anyone (yes, it is true!). You will notice a sacred temple which would fill your hearts with amazement while touring this one of a kind village. Be prepared to be stunned at every point – the weirdness of this solitary village is creepy yet fascinating.

Offbeat Himachal Pradesh – Malana Village

Khajjiar, nestled in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh is nothing short of a picture postcard town. Known to be the Indian Switzerland, Khajjiar has an exquisite vibe and charm that stumps you at the very first sight. The green meadow, dense deodar and pine forests add to the beauty of this verdant paradise. The Khajjiar Lake, the expanse of the pasture lands and the forests make this little town a heavenly place to unwind from the daily rut of the city life. With Summers setting in, this is the best time to take a trip to the cool and beautiful Khajjiar.

Offbeat Himachal - Khajjiar

Andhra Pradesh – Araku Valley
A train trip from Vishakhapatnam to Araku Valley is one of the most scenic routes in our country – almost picture postcard like! Famous for its coffee plantations, Araku Valley is best discovered on foot. While you are here, visit the absolutely gorgeous Padmapuram Gardens. The gardens are famous for the hanging huts – well, you have to visit to believe it! Wait not, book your tickets and head out for a one of a kind vacation.

Offbeat Andhra Pradesh – Araku Valley

Jammu & Kashmir – Gurez Valley
The pristine, captivating, Paradise like Gurez Valley is Kashmir’s best kept secret. The drop dead gorgeous valley acted as the Gateway to the Silk Route in ancient times. Decades later, Gurez valley’s proximity to the India and Pakistan border has made it a risky proposition to explore. Perched deep into the Himalyas, the valley is a treasure trove of exotic views and magnificent natural beauty. The mighty Kishenganga River flows through the Gurez valley giving it a picture postcard look. Visit the spectacular Gurez Valley to explore the immensely gorgeous and unmatched landscapes.

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Offbeat Kashmir ,Gurez Valley

Goa – Dudhsagar Waterfalls
When we think of Goa, we think of the seaside. Not many think of exploring other treasures of Goa. The mighty Dudhsagar, located at the border of Goa and Karnataka, is the highest waterfall in India. 1020 ft high and falling in a tiered manner, the waterfall looks milky – hence the name.

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Offbeat Goa Dudhsagar Waterfalls
The gorgeous green Western Ghats, the lush jungle with this enormous waterfall make for a sight to cherish for a long time. The best time to visit this place is between June to September when the falls are at its mighty best. But the best weather to go trekking around this place for some exquisite views is from November to February.

It is time to explore the unexplored and soak in the essence and richness of these offbeat locations!

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