Australia for Adventure Seekers

Australia is a continent of diverse landscapes; from vast stretches of deserted inland to spectacular coastline, wrapping mountains, rivers, woodlands and hinterlands in between, Australia is a paradise for adventure seekers. This exemplary variety of terrain offers numerous Australia adventure holiday activities like sea surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, white water rafting, jet skiing, snow skiing, hiking, dirt biking in the middle of nowhere, and the list goes on.

Your Australian holiday tour is below par if you don’t get adrenaline rushing through your body. Here is a list suggesting ‘when and where’ of adventure-packed activities in Australia to help you choose your rush, grab your gear and just go for it.

 Skydiving right over the Gold Coast

Australia for Adventure Seekers

This sport is not for the faint-hearted; jumping off an airplane takes a lot of courage. But it’s really worth it as you get to revel in mind-blowing panoramic views. Gold Coast holidays are widely acclaimed for its unsurpassed scenic vistas from 2,000-ft above the ground. Knowledgeable and friendly instructors make the experience even more wonderful.

 Striking colours of the underwater world 

When you are in an island like Australia, replete with such marine diversity, scuba diving is not an option, it’s a prerequisite. Australia city tours offer so many waters to go diving into and the variety of thrill and adventure depends largely on you. Go for a colourful spectacle of different species of marine animals swimming by the multihued corals in Queensland. The Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest structure made by living organisms, is the best place to enjoy an adventurous holiday in Australia. Here, diving opportunities exist for both novice and seasoned divers.

For a more thrilling experience, you can go cage diving with some of the most dangerous marine animals. In the town of Port Lincoln, Adelaide, you get to dive with sharks inside a large cage, of course. Likewise, you can cage dive with saltwater crocodiles in Darwin. You are dropped into the water inside a steel cage to watch these animals swim towards you with their jaws wide open. This spine-chilling feeling remains long after the half-hour dive is complete.

Riding the rapids at Franklin river

The unscathed natural wilderness of Tasmania is popular amongst nature lovers. Its exquisite wilderness also has plenty of things on offer for adventure-seekers, especially the fun and excitement of whitewater rafting. Nothing beats the thrill you get as your raft turns and twists around the rapids with strong currents of the Franklin River. The river has rapids of different grades, making the experience even more enjoyable. The river meanders through the stunning rain forests, amidst the canopies of large trees, making your holidays in Australia truly memorable.

 Paradise for powderhounds

Winters in Australia, particularly around New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, means skiing down the gigantic slopes over freshly-laid blanket of soft snow. In these areas, plenty of skiing resorts operate in winter around moderate to challenging pistes. You can ski down the hills or go for snowboarding in vast snow-covered pristine terrain.

 The Outback adventure

Australian outback adventure holidays offer a vast, larger than you can even imagine and a jaw-dropping variety of diversity in its terrain. You will find some of the most enchanting rock formations in the Outback, ranging from the Pinnacles to the Bungle Bungle Range. The intriguing wilderness region of the kimberley attracts many. Hike along the legendary Gibb River Road and marvel at some of the most iconic vistas of gorges.

From Perth, take a trip to Kalgoorlie and revel in the mesmerising landscape of desert that is flanked by glittering salt lakes. In Kalbarri of Western Australia, you can explore Australian wildlife at the Cape Range National Park near Exmouth, Francois Peron National Park in Shark Bay, Cape Leveque north of Broome and Cape Le Grand near Esperance.

Take a dirt bike out into the horizon and marvel at a glorious Outback sunset. The red sand glitters as the golden orange sun sparkes right above it. While most of the Outback offers such a splendid scenery, the best place to experience it is the Ayers Rock, also known as Uluru, region. And while you are at it, explore the numerous caves that are tucked safely away in the crevices of the Uluru rock. Visit Lake Eyre, the largest lake in Australia, located south of Uluru. Most of the summers, this lake is completely dried up, with no traces of water, turning into a vast salt flat. The abundance of salt crystals in the flats create a mirage by gleaming in the sun.

 The underground life in Coober Pedy

Experience life below the surface in the opal capital of the world, Coober Pedy. One of the hottest areas of Australia, this town has homes, hotels and other accommodation facilities built underground. For years, people in this town have been living in underground houses to beat the heat. You can sleep inside a cave during your stay in an underground hotel, go sightseeing below ground to explore its underground art galleries, museums and churches.

So pull up your socks and pack your adventure gear to enjoy a adrenaline-pumping adventure holiday in Australia.

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