Coolest Caves in the World

Air, water, land and fire are the four major elements of nature that have combined to form some of the most astounding natural wonders. Be it magnificent mountains or stunning waterfalls, alluring sand dunes and spectacular islands, all have added to the charm of nature’s bounty on earth. And some of these incredible natural creations are hidden away in some unexplored regions of the world. Caves are one such formation that have remained untouched and are quite exceptionally beautiful.

While some think that caves are mysterious, muddy, damp and home to ferocious wildlife, they are much more than just holes in mountains. They are remarkably the most spectacular natural wonders which are worth exploring. The orange and red cave walls, the massive angled crystals dazzling in touch lit lights are sure to mesmerize you with their charm. Here is some dope on some of the coolest caves in the world that are must-visit.

Caves of the Thousand Buddhas (Mogao Grottoes) – China

Found by some wandering monks along a desert cliff face, Caves of the Thousand Buddhas were buried within 492 caves on an outlaying stretch near Dunhuang. These cave temples were decorated by the monks with more than two thousand multicolored sculptures and knotty paintings covering almost 11 acres of land. Visit this hypnotic destination by hopping on a China tourism package. The coolest thing about these cave temples dating back to the 14th century is that they portray the evolving patterns of daily life that existed a thousand years ago. These caves are more eye-catching that any existing museum on land.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves – New Zealand

Nestled deep in the prolific subtropical hills of New Zealand’s North Island, Waitomo Glowworm Caves are home to thousands of quarter-inch-long bioluminescent glowworms. They dangle from the ceiling of these enormous caves to radiate tiny blue light illuminating the place like a turquoise star scape. Visitors can view this natural beauty in an inflatable raft along the underground Waitomo River on a New Zealand adventure holiday tour. The coolest thing about these caves is the blue floodlights that give them an edge over other natural wonders.

Cave of the Crystals (Cueva de los Cristales) – Mexico

For all the ‘Superman’ series lovers, a visit to the Cave of Crystals will surely seem like a dream come true. Though you won’t find Superman himself here, but translucent grayish-white selenite crystal columns that height up to 36 feet will surely remind of his cave. Situated a 1000 feet underground in the Naica Mine near Chihuahua in Mexico, the cave gives away shimmering lights and apparently is the only cavern that holds such gigantic crystals. The cave accidentally found by miners in the year 2000 measures temperature up to 136 degrees with more than 90 percent humidity, making is difficult to stay here for long. You can visit this place by opting for a Mexico tours.

Painted Cave on Santa Cruz Island in Channel Islands National Park – California

Certainly one of the largest and deepest caves in the world, Painted Cave on Santa Cruz Island gets its name from the red, orange and green rocks as well as lichen and algae that paint the walls of this idyllic cave. As you pay a visit to this cave on your California, watch out for the waterfall that flows over the entrance in the spring months. Witness the most frequent visitors of this wonderland such as the brown pelicans, shearwaters, oystercatchers, Xantus’s murrelets, harbor seals and sea lions. Your kids will be thrilled to view this hair raising spectacle.

Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves – Werfen, Austria

Famed as “The World of Ice Giants,” it is the biggest ice cave in the world. The 42-kilometer long Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves are burried deep in the Austrian Alps and were discovered by the scientist Anton Posselt. Over time its beauty and charm has fascinated people. The flickering mining lamp lights illuminate the place very well and reveal the real wilderness of this breathtaking cave. So set off on an Austria tour and become a visitor of this charming cave.

An out of this world experience awaits you at the gates of these coolest caves in the world. So don’t just sit there, get up and become a part of this magical journey.

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