Hill Stations in India for Summer Holidays

Hill Stations and summer holidays have almost become synonymous now. With a plethora of exotic locations, up in the height, it is important to choose the perfect gateway. Depending on your appetite for travel you can choose, from below, the perfect hill station for this summer holiday.
Starting from the quaint tea gardens to the dreamy waterfalls, the list covers all the hill stations which are worth a visit, at least one.


You must have heard about Darjeeling tea and now it is time for exploring the beauty of the place. From witnessing the magnificent sunrise from the Tiger Hills to spending the day in the lush green tea gardens, Darjeeling has a lot to offer.

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red panda in Darjeeling

Visit the wee Darjeeling zoo and witness the cute red pandas. The marvelous water-falls at the Rock Gardens is bound to capture your imagination. Overall, Darjeeling is a destination where you can travel, eat, and have fun.


munnar,. kerala
Munnar is by far one of the most popular hill stations in India. Each year plenty of Indian tourists gather around the enchanting hillocks of South India. Munnar is known as the resort town for good reasons.
The picturesque tea plantations and the beautiful forest lands will put you in a kind of a happy-haze. Take a stroll down the winding lanes and enjoy the flora and fauna of the wild-life sanctuary. So if you always wanted to go on a forest trek with your friends, this hill station will give you the perfect opportunity to do that.

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The erstwhile summer capital during the British Raj, Shimla is bound to the top of list reasons for visiting Himachal. The famous Mall Road attracts a lot of tourists and especially the shopping crazy Indians flock around various stores pitted down the lane.
Once you have quenched your thirst for shopping you can also enjoy the enchanting view of the mountains clad in pine and deodar trees. The forest covered area will give you the perfect background for the million ‘selfies’ that you can click there.

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If the summer heat is confining you in a lonely air-conditioned apartment then Himachal is ready to welcome you for an adventure full of fun and whimsy. Do not let the summer hear rob you from the opportunity of going out and play in the open.

Zip Lining
Manali is slowly becoming the most desired location for the adrenalin junkies who would like to take the rough streams pouring down from the north. However, it is not only river rafting which attracts the crowd. There are options for zip-lining, parasailing, and even horse riding.

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Discover one of the rarest places in India which experiences more of winter than summer. Snowfalls in May! Can you even imagine? Leh is a hill station which is not only unconventional but also quite pretty.
The charm of these hills lies in the magnificent trekking trails. Be it jeep trekking or trekking by bike, Leh never stops to attract its fair share of adventurous tourists. The War Museum is one of the major attractions along with the famous Victory Tower.

 War Museum
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You can get an opportunity of meeting the warmest and friendliest people of India and also can take a ride on the yak, if you so desire. Overall and all Leh will offer you a very comprehensive holiday so that you can take fond memories, back home, along with the various handicrafts made by the localities.


If you are looking for a nice walk down the hilly terrains, then Gangtok will provide you with the perfect opportunity. It is a land of virtues as the strong Buddhist inclination prohibits anyone from cheating the tourists.

road of MG Marg darjeeling
That is why it is worry-free heaven for every traveler. The best part is that the main-road of MG Marg is totally free of any sort of vehicles and that is the reason why you can enjoy a relaxing time shopping in the wee and colorful outlets.

 Orchid Museum
If it is color you are seeking then do not miss out on the opportunity of witnessing the beauty of the orchids which bloom only in that climate. Make a visit to the famous Orchid Museum and embrace yourself with the grandeur of the place.

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Readers of the famous writer Ruskin Bond must have already heard about this place. Yes, it is indeed where this creative genius resides. But Kasauli is much more than just a place where famous people stay.
It is the perfect escapade for people looking for cozy comfort in someplace quite and beautiful. Kasuili can easily be compared to any European village. Nicely decorated with beautifully colored houses and enchanting trees, the place will make you forget about travelling abroad.

No need to travel all the way to Europe for walking down the cobbled streets, lined by colonial style bungalows and gothic-style Churches with windows made from stained glass . Enjoy the charm of the West in your very own country, whilst taking a sip of the piping hot Thukpas and scrumptious momos.


Though the Northern part of India enjoys its fair share of hill stations the Central and the Southern parts are also not far behind. The last two destinations in my list are from Central and South India respectively.
Considered as the Queen of the Hills, Mahabaleshwar is pitted with natural beauty and enthralling landscapes. The Mapro Garden is truly amazing whilst the Lingamala falls will capture your imagination for certain. This very popular tourist destination offers the travelers a chance to view the spectacle of the Venna Lake and a charming boat ride to the Bamnoli Island.

Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills
Located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, this lovely hill station is the sole representative of the South Indian hill stations, in the list. Enjoy the vast landscape of the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary and have a go at bird watching.

 Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary
Do not forget to enjoy the famous Horsley Hills Zoo and enjoy the view from the hill resort. If you desire to venture around the place you are surely to bump into some lovely handicrafts shops, arranged by the local Chenchu tribes.

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