7 Reasons for Choosing Hill Stations in Himachal for Summer Holidays

With alpine forests and snowy mountain picks, Himachal welcomes a lot of tourists during the summer months. With a plethora of enchanting hills stations, bordered by picturesque mountain range, Himachal gives no reason for you to choose any other holiday destination, this summer.

Kullu Manali
The fabulous summer retreats like Shimla, Kullu, Manali and Dalhousie developed by the British Empire, for good enough reasons. Scroll down to see why you will absolutely waste your money if you choose any other holiday destination in these summer months.

Hill Stations in Himachal for Summer Holidays

Scenic Appeal of Shimla

To beat the heat of the treacherous summer months in India, the British Empire regarded Shimla as their summer capital and that too for good reasons. Shimla one of the main towns of Himachal has its share of history and also beauty.

The forest covered snow-capped mountain peaks will definitely set your mood for a long and relaxing holiday and you can most definitely enjoy an unforgettable shopping experience at the Mall Road. Shop till you can from the various colorful shops that lines up the road.

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A New Experience in Chail

Chail is slowly overtaking Shimla in terms of popularity. This quaint little hillside hamlet is a perfect place for camping and experiencing the nature. Staring from the horse ride in Kufri to the forest camping experience in the glass cottages, at night, Chail is a place which will stay in your memory forever.
Do not forget to visit the world’s highest cricket ground and savor the exotic flora and fauna that the place has to offer.

Colonial Appeal of Dalhousie

India still has its fair share of Anglophiles and this Woodhouse reading, tea drinking bunch of Sherlock fans will definitely enjoy the quaint appeal of this place. Still visited by a very small crowd every year, this place has its charm intact.
Enjoy a bonfire and view of the lanes dotted with quaint colonial houses. Also take a peep at the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary and enjoy the glimpse of the wild.

Blend with the Tibetan Crowd at Dharmashala


Dharmashala has a big Tibetan influence which is well reflected in their food and culture. The place made its mark on the global map when Dalai Lama made his visit. This place is known as the Mini-Lhasa and will certainly offer you a chance to blend with the warm and hospitable Tibetan crowd.
Dharmashala is also a trekking paradise and for adventurous hikers it is the perfect opportunity to bring their backpacks and climb up the snowy capped mountains which borders the region.

Dare yourself for a River Rafting at Manali

parasailing adventure
Himachal has a place for all. Whether you are looking for a nice and cozy getaway or a adrenaline rushing sporting adventure, Himachal will satisfy all your needs. So, after enjoying a quite time in Shimla and Chail you can finally have some wild fun at Manali

river rafting at Manal
Take on the streams while river rafting at Manali and dare yourself to a zip-lining and parasailing adventure. The place offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to savor the extremes and by far one of the best reasons to visit Manali.

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Tame the Mountains at Spiti

Mountains at Spiti
If Manali fails to quench your thirst for adventure then Spiti will surely put forward some serious challenges in front of you. This rough mountain terrain will dare to a wild and memorable rift rafting experience at the Pin.

 Chandratal Lake
You can camp at the banks of the beautiful Chandratal Lake on your way of trekking to the Hampta Pass. Spend an awesome time exploring the beauty of the extreme natural conditions. Do not forget to visit the enchanting Pin Valley National Park and fill your phone memory with some fascinating photos.

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Enjoy the Quaint Hamlet of Kasuili

Kasuili is a nice and cozy place, located in the heart of Himachal. It can be easily be regarded as a piece of Europe in India with colonial bungalows and cobble-stone paths. You can enjoy a nice and romantic walk down the lanes and visit the enchanting Churches, ornamented in the gothic style.

It can be easily mistaken as a European village and it is no surprise that the famous author Ruskin Bonds resides in this place. No wonder from where he gets all his inspirations. Do not forget to savor the famous Thukpas and the momos available in this place. You get to have good food and you get to relish the beautiful scenery. What else can you ask for?

Himachal is a land of magic and beauty. From meeting people belonging to different ethnic background to enjoying the snow clad mountain peaks, Himachal very well can be the ideal summer holiday destination. Whether you want to go for a hike or enjoy a warm afternoon tea against the setting sun behind the mountain forests, Himachal caters to all sorts of experiences.

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