5 International Destinations for your Diwali Vacation

Diwali Vacation
There is a festive atmosphere all around and the weather is also pleasant. Wondering where to go this year for your Diwali holidays? Here is a list of top five international destinations to consider for your vacation travels this festive season. Whether you are traveling solo, with your partner, friends or family there is something for everyone in each of these destinations.

Pick from serene beaches or glittering malls, lush natural surroundings or high-end city life for your perfect Diwali vacation this year. Whether you are planning a budget trip or a trip with family or friends these destinations should definitely be on your list of consideration this year.


Pack your bags and head over to the most happening destination in South East Asia for this Diwali vacation. There are plenty of flights with great offers during this time that you avail. Keep a look out for good deals on hotel packages as well. Bangkok is a delightful destination where everyone in the family can enjoy themselves.

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Floating Market in Thailand

Bangkok is a thriving cosmopolis with exciting activities and plenty of retail shopping options. It is also famous for its delicious cuisine and colorful nightlife. You can also visit the famous floating market or simply soak in the vibrant atmosphere on board a river cruise in the evening. There is also a range of exciting street food dishes that you can try out when you are in Bangkok.

Pattaya, Thailand
You can also include a trip to Pattaya, Phuket or Krabi along with your visit to Bangkok to experience the different aspects of Thailand to the fullest. Bangkok is also great for those looking for traveling on a budget as there are plenty of hotel options available. For vegetarians also Bangkok is a safe destination as there are plenty of Indian restaurants offering vegetarian menu available.


If you want to indulge yourself in some retail shopping this Diwali, then you must head to Dubai and its plethora of shopping malls offering everything from designer clothes to exotic spices and even gold jewelry and so much more. But Dubai is not only about shopping. There are also other exciting activities available here that is sure to have your adrenaline rushing.

The first among these is the desert safari on 4WD vehicles that are sure to give you a taste of adventure like never before. You can also enjoy a rustic style Bedouin picnic set up in the middle of the desert to get the real essence of Dubai’s nomadic heritage. Don’t forget to try the delicious cuisine of Dubai at one of the many incredible restaurants in the city.

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When you are visiting the city of Dubai you must not forget to see the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world. Walk along the marina in the evening and witness Dubai lit up like a thousand stars. You can also choose to go on a traditional dhow cruise where you can sample the delicious Arab dishes. Another exciting place to explore when in Dubai are the souks or markets. These are treasure troves where you can find exotic spices, unique trinkets, souvenirs and even exquisite golden jewelry.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi International Destinations

Another Emirati jewel that can be your destination this Diwali holidays is Abu Dhabi. This opulent destination is filled with activities that you can enjoy with your entire family. You will be overawed by the sheer spectacle of grandeur and decadence that is reflected in every aspect of Abu Dhabi right from the moment you land at the airport. Whether it is the high end city center with its high rises or the colorful lanes of the old souks (markets) the city is packed with something to delight you in every corner.

Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed Abu Dhabi
One of the main attractions of Abu Dhabi is the Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed. This stunning mosque is spectacular both in its size and splendor and is a must visit for anyone traveling to Abu Dhabi. The intricate inlay work done on flawless marble is a sight that you have to see to believe. It is also an area of peace and tranquility in the middle of the bustling city. Abu Dhabi also offers some of the most luxurious dining experiences featuring cuisines from all over the world.

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If shopping or sightseeing is not how you want to spend your Diwali vacation, then also Abu Dhabi is the perfect place for you. This is because the city is blessed with an incredible coastline dotted with beautifully manicured and maintained beaches. Simply lay back and relax with your favorite book or build a sandcastle with your kids and see the high rises glistening in the sunlight at the distance like modern-day lighthouses.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka International Destinations

Visit India’s southern neighbors this Diwali holidays with an exciting journey through Sri Lanka. Experience the rich historical and natural heritage of the island country which is just a few hours’ flight away from India. Whether you simply want to visit the cultural hub of Colombo for a quick getaway or explore more of the country in a more leisurely pace, there are all kinds of options available. For food lovers Sri Lanka is a great place to try fresh sea food and the local cuisine, though spicy is extremely delicious and worth experiencing at least once.

Turtle Hatchery at Bentota, Sri Lanka

You can visit the lush green surroundings of Kandy and visit the famous Elephant Orphanage where you can interact with the gentle giants being cared for by the volunteers. It is a great place to visit whether you are with your partner or family with children. Sri Lanka is also famous for its spices and Kandy is a great place to explore the different flavors and aromas of these exotic spices. You can also visit the Turtle Hatchery at Bentota or simply enjoy a city tour of Colombo and experience the cosmopolitan nature of the city.

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Beaches in Sri Lanka

There is plenty of history and heritage that is also waiting to be discovered here including UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Temple of the Tooth Relic. It is also a delight for nature lovers and bird watchers as there are plenty of trekking and bird watching options available throughout the island. For those craving some sun, sand and surf Sri Lanka has some of the most stunning beaches that you can imagine. These pristine beaches are the perfect place to relax and meditate to the sound of waves gently breaking on the shore.



South East Asia is a great place to visit in October as the weather is pleasant and the flights are also not too long. Apart from Bangkok the most famous destination of South East Asia is definitely Singapore. The destination is the pinnacle of modernity and it has picturesque locations that are comparable to any European destination in beauty and aesthetics. It is also a great place to take your kids as you can visit the famous Universal Studios!

Merlion statue Singapore
Take a picture with the iconic Merlion statue and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere in the marina area. Experience the spectacular night safari at the Singapore Zoo or simply shop to your heart’s content at the exclusive boutiques of Orchard Road. There is also a Little India that which feels like a home away from home for you. Singapore is also a great place for foodies as it offers some of the most sumptuous dishes such as the chili crab, chicken rice, vegetable stir fry and so much more!

Singapore is a city of unlimited attractions including Sentosa Island, Botanical Gardens, Gardens by the Bay, Universal Studio Theme Park, and the Singapore Flyer. You can spend an entire day experiencing the various themed rides at the Universal Studios followed by an evening stroll along the Clarke Quay and soak in the exciting night life of Singapore. Experience the lively atmosphere at the night markets where the local hawkers sell delicious street food freshly prepared in front of your eyes.

Get packing today

Now that you have an idea of where all you can go for a quick getaway this Diwali holidays, don’t wait to book your international tour. This is usually a very popular season for travel and seats and hotels tend to get booked very soon. You should look out for great deals and packages that are available for these destinations and start planning your tour as soon as possible. Make this Diwali vacation on to remember for a lifetime with a tour to one of these five amazing international destinations!

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