Getaways for this Dussehra Long Weekend

Dusshera Vacation

The festive season is almost here, and that means planning for vacations and quick getaways have also started. This is one of the most exciting times as there is a palpable sense of excitement in the air. Schools are going to go on vacation, and even offices will be granting leaves for the Dussehra long weekend. This is a perfect time to head out of the city if you want to avoid the crowd. So, still, have not planned your destination for the Dussehra long weekend? Here is the ultimate list of destinations for you to pick from!

Read on for the top getaway destinations for this Dussehra vacation for you and your family in India.


Varanasi Dussehra long Weekend

This ancient holy city is a favorite pilgrimage site for devotees from all over the country at any time of the year. However, at this time there is a different vibe that you can feel here. You can witness the Dussehra celebrations in the old quarters of Varanasi or observe the Durga Puja celebrations in the Bengali colony here. The Ganga aarti in the evenings is also a spectacle worth witnessing. You can observe the elaborate rituals of the aarti onboard a country boat. It is also considered to be an auspicious time to offer prayers and conduct ceremonies to fulfill your desires and wishes.

Sarnath Dussehra long Weekend

You can also visit Sarnath which is located only 11 kilometers away from the bustling city of Varanasi. This is where Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon. You can also see the iconic Ashok Pillar at the Sarnath Museum. If you want to extend your vacation, then you can head to Allahabad, now known as Prayagraj famous as the holy confluence spot of the Ganga, Yamuna, and the mythical Saraswati river. It is believed that the waters at the holy confluence or Sangam are charged with special powers that can wash away all sins and ailments from the human body.


Goa Dussehra long Weekend

If pilgrimage is not your cup of tea, or you are looking for a fun time with friends or family this Dussehra, then Goa is the perfect place for you. Dussehra is a great time to visit Goa as the place is refreshed by the monsoon rains, and the weather starts getting better. The destination is also known as the party capital of the country and is a great place to go for spending quality time with either friends or family. Goa is easily accessible by train and flights from all major cities of India and there are plenty of hotel options available.

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Goa Dussehra long Weekend

Even though there is no particular Dussehra celebration in Goa, it is always bustling with different activities that you can enjoy. You can visit the iconic sights including Fort Aguada, Basilica of Bom Jesus, and so much more. Goa is also a great place for foodies. You can feast on the delicious Indo-Portuguese cuisine of the region that makes use of the best of both flavors. Relish the famous Vindaloo curry along with several other local dishes. Do not forget to sample Feni, the locally brewed liquor made from cashew fruits. This is an extremely potent liquor, so be careful of how much you have!

McLeod Ganj

McLeodGanj Dussehra long Weekend

This charming old Himachal hill station is the perfect destination for you if you are looking to get away from the noise and crowds of a city Dussehra. Nestled in the lush green mountains of Himachal Pradesh, McLeod Ganj is also known as Little Lhasa owing to its substantial Tibetan population. It is also the headquarters of the Tibetan government-in-exile. There are many monasteries dotting this hill station and an air of calm and tranquility hangs over the entire town like a comforting blanket.

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McLeod Ganj monasteries Dussehra long Weekend

If you want a vacation where you do not have anything to do, then McLeod Ganj is the ideal destination for you. You can walk along the streets or visit the different monasteries and see the monks at prayer. Sit and meditate a while in the tranquil environs of the monasteries while listening to the hypnotic Buddhist chants. This is also a place of immense natural beauty and you can walk around taking it all in. McLeod Ganj is also a great place to try authentic Tibetan dishes such as momos (dumplings), thukpas, tingmos (Tibetan bread), and traditional Tibetan tea.

Andaman Islands

Andaman Dussehra long Weekend

Say goodbye to mainland India and hello to the gorgeous archipelago of Andaman Islands this Dussehra holidays. Bask in the pristine coconut tree-lined beaches of Havelock Islands with the sound of crashing waves in your ears. These islands are India’s best-kept secrets and it is time that you unraveled it. Take a flight to Port Blair, where you can spend a couple of nights. There are some historic sights to explore on this island such as the infamous Cellular Jail where many Indian freedom fighters were kept captive by the British.

Havelock Island, Andaman Dussehra long Weekend
The main attraction of the Andaman Islands is the Havelock Island where you can reach via an extremely scenic cruise ride. It is here that you will find the enchantingly beautiful Radhanagar Beach which is comparable to the beaches of Thailand and other South East Asian countries. This beach with a tropical forest rising to one side and the sapphire waters of the Bay of Bengal on the other side with lush coconut groves is like an untouched paradise. You can spend leisurely hours relaxing at the beaches or explore the exquisite underwater marine life by snorkeling or scuba diving. You can witness the marine flora and fauna of the coral reef found in the region.

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Agra and Jaipur

Taj Mahal Agra Dussehra long Weekend

Two prongs of the famous Golden Triangle of India, Agra, and Jaipur are the perfect destinations to head to this Dussehra holidays. You can not only see the traditional North Indian Dussehra celebrations taking place, but also immerse yourself in the history, culture, and heritage of two of the most famous destinations of India. The best thing about taking this journey from Delhi is that you can cover all the destination by surface. This means you can save on travel expenses and spend it on better experiences during your holiday. The first and foremost place that you need to visit is the Iconic Taj Mahal. Built using pure white marble decorated with intricate inlay work, this is one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Jaipur Dussehra long Weekend

Jaipur, also known as the Pink City, owing to the blush pink color of the buildings in the old walled city, is the quintessential Rajasthani destination. The Amber Fort perched high up on the Aravalli Hills overlooking the city, the opulent City Palace, and the picturesque Hawa Mahal are some of the highlights of this vibrant city. There are also many hidden gems in the city such as the Nahargarh Fort, the Jaigarh Fort, and many other smaller forts and havelis that you can explore. Jaipur is also a great place to delve into the mouthwatering Rajasthani cuisine with its rich variety of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. Forget all rules of dieting and calorie control when you sit down for a traditional Rajasthani thali meal and just enjoy the luscious play of spices and local ingredients on your palette. You can also choose to elongate your tour by adding more destinations such as Jodhpur, Udaipur, and Mount Abu for a more elaborate vacation.

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Enjoy the Dussehra Vacations to the Fullest

Whether you want to go for a quick getaway on the Dussehra long weekend or want to take a long leisurely holiday to explore a destination in-depth, here are the ultimate options that you can consider. All the destinations offer accommodation and dining options suited to all budgets. There are also plenty of vegetarian food options available at all destinations. So, get planning and book your Dussehra vacation today.

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