Long Weekend Getaways in India

Whether it is a sincere three-day weekend on the calendar or you are planning to take a French leave (hush-hush), here is a list of long weekend getaways best suited for lazy quick trips.


Long weekends are truly a blessing. It doesn’t matter if they are genuine or you are playing hooky, a long weekend gives you an escape from the rushing cities, honking cars and stressful working hours. So, when you get a long weekend, you have to make the most of this time with a relaxing trip to a wonderful destination nearby. We have compiled a list of best long weekend getaways in India to help you find that perfect respite from the mundane life and take a breather.

Kullu and Manali 

A superb weekend getaway in the north, Kullu and Manali embrace the mighty Himalayas. Located some 500 km from Delhi, this destination brings Delhiites a respite from the scorching summers and foggy winters. Surrounded by the snow-clad Himalayan mountains, the getaway entails beautiful river valleys and thermal springs. The relaxed ambiance of the area has a perennial appeal that draws millions of tourists from around the globe.

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Acknowledged as the ‘Queen of the Hills’, Mussoorie is another great long weekend getaway from Delhi and its neighbours. This picturesque British-era hill resort lies in Uttarakhand at a distance of around 280 kilometres. And thanks to its stunning backdrop of mountains that are cloaked in verdant landscape, it has become one of the most popular destinations for honeymooners.

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Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Pack your binoculars and compass and go on a trekking expedition in Panchgani, home to spectacular mountains, lush greenery and fetching beauty. Located just about 245 kilometre away from Mumbai, Panchgani oozes a charm that inspires you to the core. This splendid hill station, surrounded by five hills of the Sahyadri mountain range, is replete with fascinating natural beauty. The landscape of Panchgani is dotted with a large variety of silvery hamlets, resplendent backwaters of Dhom Dam and vast lush pieces of land.


Better known for an old Kalbhairav Temple, Harihareshwar is the best hidden gem of Maharashtra. This beach getaway is located about 200 kilometres from Mumbai and makes an awesome beachside weekend getaway in the state. This place has an exotic vibe, thanks to its plush sand that embraces the deep blue ocean. The water is calm and the ocean breeze is soft here. Throw in some flavoursome seafood and you have the perfect weekend, packed with the quiet, serenity and beauty that you always dreamed of.



Nestled in the Nilgiris, Ooty is perhaps the most popular hill resort in the southern India. As it lies approximately 250 kilometres away, it makes a perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore. The town is blessed with outstanding scenic vistas and you must revel in them from the toy train, which winds through the jungles connecting Ooty to Mettupalayam. The charming town offers visitors a breather from bustling city life. Don’t forget to explore the Botanic Gardens and sip a hot cup of Nilgiri’s finest teas.

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The elegance and history of Mysore is sure to sweep you away. It has an enriching heritage and a great cultural wealth that is witnessed in its magnificent palaces, amazing Vrindavan Gardens and the opulence-exuding Chamundi Temple. Mysore is just about 140 kilometres from Bangalore. It retains the grandeur of a once-flourishing sultanate and the heritage of famous architectural jewels that dot the city. It is the city of palaces and a vacation, however short or lengthened, in Mysore is rewarded with a luxurious fiesta.

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Take the time off at this stupendous destination that stands testimonial to the splendour of once-vigorous Vijayanagar. Hampi is approximately 340 kilometres from Bangalore and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Marvel at the amazing ancient monuments that tell the tales of the glorious bygone era. Delve into history inspecting the Stone Chariot shrine, take a ride on the Golden Chariot and watch beautiful sunrise and sunset from the Matanga Hill.


Despite being an urban agglomeration, Puducherry offers a relaxing break from the hustle-bustle of life. This former French colony is quiet and has beautiful cobblestoned streets that add an eternal appeal to it. It lies about 170 kilometres from Chennai and yet, somehow gives the feeling of being in France. Most people still speak French, food served here has French roots and French fashion scene reaches here like a flash.

So just choose one destination and embark on a colourful journey through the beautiful corners of the country.

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