Perfect Honeymoon Getaways

Honeymoon is the most important vacation a couple ever goes on, a time couples reminisce about in the years to come. But most couples don’t get enough time to plan it because of the extensive planning their wedding requires. So instead of going on a honeymoon just for the sake of it, find your perfect honeymoon getaway that suits the personality of you and your significant other. Here is a compilation of best postnuptial destinations around the world and don’t worry if you want to visit all of them, that’s what anniversaries are for.

Paris – Romance in the city

For every honeymooner, tranquility, solitude and idyllic scenery usually fit the bill. And these features are only found in destinations away from the urban scene. But Paris, like always, stands out. This city, despite its urbanisation, is blessed with poetic environs that evoke the feeling of romance in you. And to complement the idyllic setting of Paris, hotels and restaurants go one step further to provide a memorable experience to honeymooners. A candlelit dinner in one of the restaurants in Eiffel Tower offering astounding views is a must for every couple. Cruise the river Seine at night and be awed by the charm of the City of Lights.

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Santorini – Kick off marriage in style

Stunning blue-domed buildings overlooking the lapis lazuli water backed by mighty cliffs best define Santorini. This whimsical Greek island is a perfect place for honeymoon à la Bollywood (read: Hrithik and Katrina in Bang Bang). There is more to this island paradise than meets the eye. A colourful escapade on the black, golden and even red sand beaches of Santorini boost its romance credentials. The fairytale setting of this island goes beyond the beaches to the wonderfully-preserved archaeological sites at Ancient Akrotiri, the quaint towns and vibrant cities, the spellbinding vistas of the caldera from cliff-tops and a stunning blue body of water, which is the nucleus for ample isles surrounding the area.

Maldives – Mix it up in a beachside utopia

Stay in one of the vilas that stand on the turquoise water and spend the days with each other lying on the porch, soaking up the tropical sun. End the days watching sunsets that fill the shades of red and orange in an otherwise blue-coloured scenery from the window. And call the manager to send a delicious gourmet meal or even masseuses to give both of you soothing massages. A honeymoon in Maldives can be truly relaxing and you can enjoy everything without having to leave your own slice of paradise. The things that will make you want to leave the villa are a good spot for sunbathing on the powder-soft sand and the fascinating corals lying under the surface.

Venice – Try the full-fledged sophistication

One of the most romantic destinations in the world, Venice capture the spirit of love and intimacy. This canal-strewn city has a magical atmosphere. A gondola ride on the canals that link the beauteous buildings of the city is something to be cherished forever. Take a romantic walk down the waterfront streets of the city holding hands and revelling in the bewitching views of the stupendous scenery. The no cars or taxis in the city rule helps Venice retain its old-world charm and you feel like you have been transported into a medieval land. It is the city where you will witness the best sunrise in the world, the only drawback is that you have to wake up at 5am and go to Piazza San Marco.

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Bali – Indulge in a laid-back luxury

Paradise is interchangeable with Bali, the splendid land of beaches, rainforests, serenity and idyllic settings – all the ingredients to make a honeymoon remarkable. Bali boasts of fascinating scenery comprising massive volcanoes draped in deep jungles, green canopies over the hiking trails in rainforests, sun-speckled beaches that slide into turquoise water and astounding cliffs crowned with gorgeous temples. When it comes to elegance, Bali never disappoints and that’s what makes it one of the best honeymoon getaways.

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So pack your bags and get set on a romantic escapade that will never fade away from your memories.

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